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Danny - Uniun Sessions

D Rob is the man, seemingly constantly cranking out great quality edits that never get dull. Here he is slaying parks, streets, and his own playground - a DIY spot that him and his homies built.

Hit it up for 2 minutes of good times...

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Greend to Grind Vol.1

Boris Germain has gotta be one of the freshest riders in the world. Chuck him in a video with one of the nuttiest - Le Baron, and stick Roots Boy behind the lens, and you have one killer video. HIT PLAY!

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Mason Leonardi - Void

Never heard of this kid until right now, and wondering why the hell Lewis hadn't told us about him as he appears to be a Nottingham native. Mason SHREDS!

This video has some crazy stuff, all your more standard bangers, but then some tricks and lines that make it stand out from the crowd; case in point - That EPIC tuck knee turndown! Love it.

Sick editing and a perfect track make this one of the best British videos I've seen in a while...

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Herafun with D-Rob

The man Danny Roberts having hella fun in Hereford with his homies. Park looks dope, D-Rob gets it done as usual, Chocolate kills it, chiller choon: ALL GOOD...

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These guys obviously packed in the travellin over the summer, and now it's paying off for us in near constant video output. This is one of my favourite AO vids to date. Elliot goes so hard, and Zigs getting super clean now. Diggin it...

Watch out for bad language kids...

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Authentique by Dissidence Promo

The Dissidence guys have just extended their empire by opening up a new store in Lyon, France by the name of Authentique.

Roots Boy has whipped up this dope promo, and if your crazy and don't already want to watch a dissidence video shot by Roots Boy, then we urge you too just cos of Boris Germain's WTF moment at 1:05.

Bad language on the track kids, watch those ears.

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Blazer at Ramp City

The Blazer boys are back with the final instalment of the Scootfest surrounding shenanigans. This time it's from there demo at Ramp City - which i can confirm was amazing cos i woz there like. Luke can double whip one footed, a pain seeing as i can't do it when i'm firing on all limbs! Anyway; watch it...

Then pick up issue 15 for exclusive pics and the full story...

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Flavor - Eastern Europe Tour

Flavor's French based team has earned quite a name for itself in the last year, and may have even single handedly made the Australian brand what it is today. Amine and Ninos are your classic Dissidence shredders - loads of attitude, loads of talent, and nads the size of footballs.

Here they are shredding across Germany, Hungary and beyond. Well ridden, well filmed, cool track and interesting editing - definitely a must watch...

Watch out for bad language.

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Tyler Bradley - Flavor

Whoa. Where did this dude come from? This dude is near Ostrom level on the rails; hurricanes, switch back lip and sugarcanes all on legit handrails. What a boss.

Peep it

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TSI Portland x St John's Mix

More radness from the TSI guys in Portland and beyond. Rad spots, rad crew, rad stunts, rad tune = Rad video.

Keep 'em coming please guys...

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Blazer Pro in the Streets

Wow. This video is the bomb! (apart from my terrible trick halfway through!) I was on this tour with they boys and my jaw was on the floor half the time. These dudes get so rad!

Hammers from everyone. Deano kills in in the mini, Luke filmed all these clips within about an hour, Shannon just packs in the bangers, and the A-Rob just DESTROYS! Last line was too hectic!

Don't forget to check out the story of this tour in the next issue of Scoot Mag - out the 7th of October...

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District MegaSuperPost

District have been just smashing out the sick stuff lately, and now theres even more!

First up it's the Aussie team shreddin the road. Rory, Coedie, Chris and co went on a roadtrip last year and got loads of cool footie - Check it!


Then it's newbie Tommy Christiana who has recently joined the US team. This guy can shreeeeed! Could do with getting a more consistent filmer behind the lens, but this dude is now well and truly on the radar...


US rider Tom Mattingly spent his summer in Frankfurt, and whilst he was there he seemed to dig the city and Germany in general. Here's a wee raw edit of him shredding those Strassen...


And finally, don't forget that there's still time to vote in District's EPIC Rule Your District contest. Make sure you get over there to pick your favourite vid...


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Kota - Old & New

Really diggin this release from Kota. It's just got the nice mix of clips that you expect to see in a web edit, some of his competition hammers, but then some fun tricks. As insane as some of the big production flycam stuff he does is - it can lack character.


This one definitely has more too it, and he has some rad little tricks in there - the fat handplant being my personal favourite.


Sick work from Lucky, giving the fans what they want. Only one problem - who forgot to slow-mo the final cheeky look to camera!

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James Gee for Lucky

James Gee absolutely kills it here with a load of big bangers mixed in with some real fun and interesting lines, getting in some dope switch stuff too. Really makes me wanna go ride a rock :)

Think i am done with the Kaleidoscope B-roll now, but nice work on the edit as well, and I expected Russell Howard to at least make a cameo...



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District at Scootfest

District droppin tonnes of dope footage! After their insane LONDON SESSIONS earlier in the week, District are back with another dope web edit, this time from Scootfest. This team is too ill!


Also, don't forget to get voting for the next member of the District fam in the Rule Your District contest! Click here to VOTE!



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Scoot Mag Exclusive - District London Sessions


The premiere of Districts latest video: London Sessions! Filmed and edited by one of the UK's finest - Graham Kimbell, London Sessions follows the District team as they explore some of Londons sickest spots. Chris Hart, Coedie Donovan, Brandon James, Michael Goumaz and Helmeri Pirinen get raw in our nations capital!

This really is a must watch, so press play right now, and then be sure to share it with the world - coming at you straight from your number 1 news source!


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Blazer at Scootfest

Blazer have been goin in recently, stacking their team full of shredders and getting on their filming game. Heres the first in a promised series of videos shot over the summer - filmed over the weekend at Scootfest 2013.

Alex Robinson-Welsh, Shannon Mason and Brad Propert all throw down real hard, and Luke Painters banger is just nuts!

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Scootfest Street Sessions 2013

The first official Scootfest edit is in and its a DOOZEY! For the full story on the Street Sessions contest be sure to pick up the next issue out in a couple of weeks, but for now peep the sick edit....

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Ryan Up - Chillin in Europe

Our boy Ryan Upchurch was over in the UK and Europe earlier in the summer on a tour and filming mission. Skate Hut have got hold of his throwaway and put together this little "Chill" edit.

No idea how this is particularly "Chilled" cos he is dropping non stop hammers! But don't ask questions, just hit play!

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Danny Roberts - Refresh

Our boy Danny Roberts never fails to disappoint, and here he is with his brand spanking new edit.
His riding is so distinctive and always leaves me astounded and needing to watch it over again. This time he gets gnarly on hi freshly built DIY spot, and the banger on it is a total WTF moment!
Check it out right now!

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Robbie, Ben and Arnaud

Robbie Menzies - AKA the Kangaroo - headed over to Switzerland to hang with Ben J - AKA The Swiss Chocolate - and Arnaud Marchenoir- AKA the French Toast - to film this schweeet video.

3 of the most distinctive styles in the game make this a must watch. Peep it peeps!

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TSI in Portland

The TSI crew is deeeeep with steeze and they all headed down to Portland for a sesh (presumably around the Cooter Con Contest). KC, Hep, Travis and even Thom Cat himself all shred in this vid, but the main thing is that it has a sick vibe.

And i NEED a go on that Go-Ped!

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Dom O - DVD Throwy

Dom is on some kind of Helmeri hype in this vid! I was excited for the AO DVD before i saw this footy, but now i am straight up buzzin. If Dom stomps the donkey rail in the first clip i will straight up lose it!


Can't wait to see how gnarly he gets in the DVD, but for now check this out and be blown away that this is just throwy!


Watch out for the filthy mouthed Corey Vanlew ;-) in the first few seconds of this vid...


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Nick Payne - High Jinx

I've had my eyes on this kid for a while now. Nick took his time making this edit and it's really paid off. Stacked full of clips from some dope spots and all the while he has been running his own business - that's what i'm talkin about dude...

Peep it; if your a fan of that midwest steeze you're gonna love it...

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Tommy Dang in the UK

Tommy Dang just visited the UK and had one hell of a trip. Paying for his own flight over, then making his way to Scootfest before slaying the comps and making it all the way to the top 15 and the finals of the World Champs - a cinderella story in scooter riding!

Well it seems he wasn't done tearing up the UK when the curtain fell at Scootfest, so he has been off around the country ripping up parks and showing us pommes how they do it in Aus! And to think this guy isn't even sponsored - kids, this is how you do it; shred for the love of shred!


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Weekend Watchings

All the best scootering gubbins from over the weekend...


1st up it's - In my eyes - the single greatest scooter video of all time. Watch in wonder as the swagmaster general himself - Lewis Crampton - throws down his Scooter Cheque...

Watch for bad language...


Then it's the Goumaz. Michael and friends shred a sketchy old pool...


Think you had a bad slam this weekend? Well check out how D-Rob and Co go down - HARD!


Then it's all about the Scootfest videos, as Blaqe and Dogg drop dooooope edits from the craziest weekend of the year...



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Team Scoot Down Under...

Looking for an incredibly fun scooter video to wile away your evening? Look no further!

Nickeh got Ladam, J Barts, Rory Coe and Josh Newbert together for a game of Team S.C.O.O.T and it's a hoot - check er out!

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Razor at the X Games...

For the second year in a row, Razor have taken scootering right to the front door of the establishment to firmly bash on the door!

The classic brand took their team and a bunch of ambassadors to the X Fest demo, right outside the most established action sports event in the world - The X Games LA.

Acoustic were on hand to catch the action as names like Kota, Raymond Warner, Jeremy Malott and tonnes more all threw down...

Check the last few seconds for your daily dose of awwwww too :)


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Mathias - Neighborhood

This video features the best bowl line ever filmed on a scooter - watch it now...

Bad language on the track...

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Aaaand We're Back...


Sorry for the blatant negligence to our regular readers, but we have been crazy busy over the last couple of weeks, mainly due to organising, participating in and recovering from the biggest event of the year - Scootfest.

As we get back into the groove and sort through our inbox, here are a few sweet vids to keep you busy...

First up of course it's the Scootfest Live vid! Me (Todd) and Terry Price take you through 3 hours of incredible riding, interviews and all round visual greatness!


Then it's Joey Aria being one of the most original guys out there...


Blunt always make great longer length tour vids and this one is no exception. These dudes battled some terrible weather to have a dope tour. Gotta say Salim is probably my favourite filmer/edito right now...


Hugo. This guy one the props of pretty much everyone at Scootfest. Dude knows wassup...

Watch for language.


Teamtage 3 from Unfair. Unfair always throw down, the latest team edit is no different...


And finally, Lucky just turned Kenny Griffin Pro. The guy shreds, so it's no surprise!

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Your Friday Fix

Here we have 4 straight up gnarly scooter videos, if you can't find what your looking for here - i have no idea what you are looking for...

First up it's our very own Ryan Upchurch. Up is movin on from home, and he marks the occasion with this vid, that manages to be touching and hella raw all at the same time. Ryan's the dude..


Then Chema gets the ender in Proto's almighty "Armageddon" DVD. You won't be disappointed - you can tell this guy puts in nothin but work, and thos hops! DAAAAAAMN....



Movin on to the Lucky boys Kota and Lil Jon gettin it done at Ohio Dreams camp. Jon goes hard as always, but Kotas obviously increased awareness of style is really starting to show. In amongst the expected - and undeniably insanely hard combos, there is some real "less is more" riding. I dig it for sure - especially the clips on that massive wall stall!



Then finally it's the crew out in Nimes - Michael Goumaz, Flavio Presenti and friends are too steezy in this. Not too sure about the buzzcuts, but this is a true killer chiller...

Watch out for bad language




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Razor Up North

The Razor/Phase Two UK dudes are freakin killin it right now. All of the guys on the team have such interesting and unique styles, and to be honest, i don't think there is a more watchable British team right now. Plus when Graham is behind the lens you know it's gonna be a beaut of an edit.

Check it out, but be prepared to slap on some shades when Fin's scooter comes on screen...


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Rampworx Foam Pit

Everyone knows I (Todd) am not a massive fan of foam pits. But this one has LIGHTS for God's sake! Foam Pits meet Xzibit = This!

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R Willy in Melbourne

Ryan Williams footy doesn't come around often enough, and while this is just a minute or so, it's still freakin nuts. Lap up the park steeze...

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Weekend Catch Up

We were away sunning ourselves all weekend, so here's what we are watching this Monday evening, watch out for bad language in all of them...


AO in LA - Phil long took Jonas Kjaer, Ricky Cox and the previously unheard of but hammer throwing Biagio Devivo. Banger is dank...

Elliot Arnold:BTC - Elliot goes haaard in the streets! Here he is doin it for 841 on the new wheels. Gets a little slow in the middle, but hang on in there it's dope...

Oakland Weekend 2 - Oakland Thanksgiving was one of the most entertaining edits of last year, and here is the follow up. It's just as fun, and Monky is even crazier...

Call The Shots at Flo - Lewis Crampton and Graham Kimbell are two of the funniest dudes on scooters, add in Lewis Williams' Bangers, and you get one hell of an entertaining video...


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Coedie & Chris - 2013

What can we say about Districst's Coedie Donovan and Chris Hart?

They are two outrageously talented riders, best buds and stupidly nice dudes. Stick Nickeh's lens in front of them and you can expect nothing but gold! Click play on the vid for one of the best vids to come out of Australia for ages, and don't forget to check out the guys "Rule Your District" contest RIGHT HERE and possibly win a space alongside them on the District team...


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Worldwide Up and Comers

Had some videos from dudes on the come-up pop up on my Youtube feed who definitely deserve a look, and they happen to be from the UK, US and Aus. So heres some tasty footy from the 3 corners of the scootering world...

First up from Australia it's Tommy Dang. I may have never met the guy, but he is certainly one of the most vocal guys in the Austrailian scene. He seems to be constantly doing good for the Ozzy scene, and from this vid, we can tell he shreds too. Keep up the good work Tommy!

Next it's Aaron Ngo from the states. Here he is with his "Concrete" part, and it's certainly solid! Some real nice spots and a tidy style make Aaron one to look out for...

And then back home in the UK, it's Jack Trevillion. He is pretty much automatically cool with the Bond villain surname, but it's his tricks to fakie that earned his space here. The rest of the vid isn't perfect, but if Jack has got 3s to fakie on a quarter like that, we think he could be on to a winner...

Ps, Mr Jonny Cooke Media man - maybe chuck on the 60fps for the next slo mo bit ;-)

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Scootfest Teaser!!!

If you didn't already know, we are super stoked about Scootfest. Well now we are even more stoked cos they jut dropped this BOOMTINGALING teaser! That and the fact it's just 4 weeks away and we are practically vibrating with excitement!

Make sure you've grabbed your tickets to save that cash, cos you know you are gonna be there! TICKETS TICKETS TICKETS!!!

Props on the edit from our boy Jakey Pogson!

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Ricky Cox - Welcome to AO

AO have built themselves a stacked team in their short existence, and latest addition to their AM team is NorCal shredder Ricky Cox. Really diggin this dudes wild style is sick - half cab into stair ride anyone? - and the video is nicely shot and edited - check it...

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Martin Rowlands - TSi & UD

Before now I had seen very little of Martin Rowlands, even when he landed his place on TSI i had only seen a few clips; which were great, but I didn't think he would be capable of this - a full 5 minute 100% street part filmed entirely in the UK.

And the best bit about it is it's freakin rad! Bombing the streets like some kind of Brit Hep Greg, Martin is doing the TSI name proud! Pretty sure this is also the first full street part from a British rider, so more please...

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Weekend Warm Up

We found a few sick vids today, so why not get your stoke level up before your weekend sessions with these gems...

Monster Winter Classic Highlights - The last Australian ISA Wildcard was given away this week, and awesomely, it went to one of our favourite riders - Coedie Donovan. Nikeh was behind the lens during the comp to shoot some of the best runs. Check out Coedies steezy winner...

Might be some bad language in there...


Unfair Parktage - Reece Jones and Nathan Flemongo get nasty in the park with some outrageous bowl lines and street style steeze. Seriously some of the best legit bowl footage i have seen - peep it...


AO In Germany - The AO team document there very successful trip to Coburg, which saw a tonne of their riders place well and Brad Ackerman took a podium. Here is the crew doing what they do best - getting raw... 

Bad Language...


Jon Devrind Scooter Check - Again not a fan of scooter checks, but Jon starts in out with some dank clips - super clean riding and filming. Then we get some info on some upcoming Crisp products, that's what we want from a scoot check...


Viking Edit 3 - Latest footage from the HOOTIGH boys bringing their trademark Danish Dankness to make a crazy fun edit. You can always count on these boys to bring the CRISPY FOOTY!


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The Local - D Rob, J Pog, J Lo

Our Rugby boys are both hella handy on their scooters and hella handy behing a lens, so it's no surprise that even this little localtage is super fun. Danny is on his standardly high game, and J Lo never fails to raise a smile, but it's young Jakey Boy who stands out - Lip down the extension is tiiiiiight!

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Yara Haynes - Street Struck

Where the hell where they hiding this kid! Hadn't heard of him before the Dissidence USA Video and now he is out with a full length part featuring some of the gnarliest riding we have seen from anyone all year. Also don't think I've ever seen a dude so able to take such massive slams time after time. This is an absolute must watch...

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G-Long V3

The Funky Projects never fails to drop a real fun vid. This one features a bunch of sick Australian street riders, in a bunch of sick parks and spots, and it's just all round a sick watch. Scope it...

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Scooter Zone 2 for 1

The Scooter Zone team is deep with talent! Their DVD is on its way so we are currently swimming in not quite dvd quality but still really good throwaway.

First up it's the full team, featuring sick stuff from under-filmed like Darger, Julio and Donatelli and a load more.

And then this outrageously sweet throwy from Aaron Watson:

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Scoot Mag @ ISA Euros...

We headed over to Prague for the ISA Euros last month, stormed the place and came home with the win! For the full story, you gotta grab the next issue which is on shelves and doormats in a coupla weeks, but right now, check out JPog's sexy edit....

Damn i forgot how on fire Brandon was that weekend, and Enzo's banger is outrageous...

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Jake Turner - Flavor

Flavor are goin in right now, with some dank lookin new parts on their way and a host of new riders. Jake Turner is the latest to join the Aus Flow Team, and does so in style with this short but sweet Nickeh edited welcome.

Dude has an immense hop - straight into hurricane on a flat handrail?!

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Ryan Scott - Web Edit

Ryan has to be one of the most underrated riders in the UK. He even underrates himself, but from this footage you can see he is a straight up killer with steeze coming out of his ears.

He's also an absolute dude, so press play and show the boy some love...

Apologies for the name of the video and that it appears to have been filmed on a Nokia from 1996

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PROTO x TILT - Chema x Josh

Dope vid from Proto's Chema Cardenas and Tilt's Josh Young. These guys work together at the Proto workshop, and their riding really compliments each other, with Josh's skate style going up against Chema's BMX radness.

Just chill clips apparently, but there's some savage stuff in there including some dank Haag and squirrel footy...

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Coedie - On The Spot

Pretty simple, but nonetheless awesome video from Coedie Donovan down at the local. It's easy to forget just how damn steezy that dude is. Bonus doubles lines with Chris Hart are dope too!

Wanna do a shout out to District too for being the first brand to get a proper PR company in to do their marketing, well done guys, steppin it up!

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