Your guide to a few tricks


Here are Some Great Tricks for You to Check Out

Tricktionary - BarSpin

 In scoot mag we want to try and get all the young riders to know all the tricks in scootering. so were going to start of with the basic tricks. This isn't a a trick tip section we just want everyone to know what the tricks are and what they are called.These videos will show you the general education for scooter tricks so that future generations will understand the difference between switch/oppo/backside and frontside. 

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Luke Burland MGP tutorial- Fastplant Frontflip

Here we have Luke Burland from MGP AUS teaching you how to get down Fastplant Front Flips. 
If trying these sort of expert level tricks please ensure you wear all safety equipment needed.

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Billie Rainbow, How to Fakie Manual

Madd Gear’s Billie Rainbow show you how to Fakie manual with style!

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MGP’s Jaxon Tutorial, Flair and Buttercup

Jaxon Andrawartha from MGP Australia shows you how to do Flairs and Buttercups

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How to 360 Tailwhip

Madd Gear Team USA rider Justin shows you how to 360 tailwhip.

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How to Briflip

Madd Gear Team USA rider, Justin Robertson teaches you how to briflip.

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How to Backflip

Madd Gears Justin Robertson teaches you how to back flip, remember, safety first!

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