Here at Scoot-Mag we want to have some of the best riders in the UK to be on our team to represent us for who we are, Thee Freestyle Scooter Magazine!

We have four Main riders in our team and they are as followed;

Lewis Williams aka L-Willy
DOB: 16/01/1993

HOME PARK: Leicester

STYLE: Park/Air/BIG! and the occasional hang five :)

MUSIC: Dubstep/D n B. what ever song gets me hyped to ride!

SETUP: Odi O Grips in red, Lucky Pry bars 22.5 high 23.5 wide raw, Red Proto half knuckle, Integrated Blunt headset, red Sacrifice deck, raw Lucky Smx forks, Mr H pegs, Rat Catcher 110mm Wheels

I am an irregularity to reality, I'm a bit wild and in your face but riding is my passion and i do lots of it. when I'm not riding i tend to be at home chilling to music and playing xbox or partying in clubs with mates. i love meeting new people and with scoot mag they have helped me achieved that. scoot mag will be the biggest magazine out there and me and the other riders all push that to try and hit that goal!       
Ollie Luton

DOB: 19/08/95

HOME PARK: Harborough 

MUSIC: dub, some chill stuff

SET UP: ODI grips, Nitro bar ends, Nitro Batwing Bars, Tilt SCS Gold, Nitro head set, Madd team edition deck, Lucky SMX forks, Eagle sport wheels.
I`m 16 years old, I live in a village near Harborough, i try to ride as
much as i can but because of a-levels and that. I only really ride once
or maybe twice a week. Mainly like riding park, but don't mind the odd
street sesh now and again. I like to do footjams.

Dom Olorenshaw

DOB: 27/11/93

Stratford Upon Avon


MUSIC: dubstep, d&b, rap, chill tunes mostly!

 ODI stay strong grips, and everything else from the jason beggs signature phase 2!

FAVOURITE PARKS: Stratford, Rampworx, Creation, Mt Hawke, Corby!

I'm 18 years old, i like going out into town, and when i'm not partying just chilling and riding my scoot! I also have another sponsor, Razor UK, and without them and scoot mag i wouldn't have got to where i am today!

Danny Roberts

DOB: 12/07/1993


STYLE: Street/Flat and Tech

MUSIC: Chill/rare and occasionally hip-hop

SETUP: ODI Grips, 81 T45 Bars, Phoenix SCS, Blunt Headset, Phoenix Forks, Eagle Sports Wheels, Razor Ultra Pro deck with 81 pegs.

Milton Keynes all day! 
And Stoke on Trent and Truro Plaza

When i'm, not riding i'm at college on a film production course using my ghetto Renault Clio for transportation or working with my G-Dad Painting and Decorating. The times I ride now are always the best as it isn't something I do every single day so I never get bored or have repetitive sessions. Scoot-Mag has supported me so much and have taken me across the world to ride, I think my time out in California was by far the best time of my life chillin' with the team, hitting up the most perfect parks and spots and not having to hibernate due to poor weather like it is over here! But yeah love the scooter scene, and like everyone involved always stick up for each other and back each other up so love to be a part of it. this is more so to do with the fact I chill with a bunch of skaters normally and hit up some street! Again, love you all and Scoot-Mag is too legit!


We still have 1 space left on the team, but are waiting for the right rider. If you think you are up to the standard of these guys and are interested, email your edits to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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