Creation address Park Etiquette Issues

Creation Skate Park in Birmingham have felt the need to address ramp/park etiquette. As we are all aware, at times there can be seriously safety issues with new scooters riders not using etiquette. This is causing the other skate and BMX riders in the parks to turn against scooter riders.
We urge all scooter riders to observe good etiquette to avoid us being banned from parks at certain days and time.
Creations opinion on this is a fair one. They are getting a lot of complaints and risking a serious accident.
Quite often this is more a case of not knowing the do’s and don’t at a skate park. Just to help the newer riders understand what is meant by this, here is a brief sum up of what Park/Ramp etiquette means....

  • Don’t cut across other riders/skaters/BMXers when they are using the ramps
  • Don’t hang your scooter over the ramps while others are on the ramps.
  • Stand at least 3inchs/8cm’s back from the edge of the ramp while you are waiting
  • Wait your turn and if you see someone waiting to drop in, don’t just jump the queue
  • Don’t follow each other around in circles like a trail of ducks!
  • Share the park with all users, whatever their sports is
  • Be courteous

These same guideline apply whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor park.

If we all stick to this etiquette, we won’t upset other parks users and Skate Parks won’t feel the need to stop us riding at certain times.

To express your feelings and opinions on the matter, check out the discussion board on the Creation Skate Park Redevelopment page on facebook. Click the discussion tab along the top.

Or follow the below link.

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