The Boardroom Skate Park

Here at we want to find out more about the scooter friendly parks out there, and share this information with you. The first place we headed was to The Boardroom Skate Park in Leicester (nicknamed BROOM by the locals) to meet up with Dave King, the park owner.

Dave is pictured here in blue, sitting with the MGP UK team, while judging the Born Extreme Scooter comp held there on the 9th of April 2011.

  Here’s what Dave had to say:

S-M: Tell us a little about the History of The Boardroom Skate Park

DK: We opened the doors for the first time on the 2nd August 2003 in a 3rd floor building of approx 2500 sq feet. It was open for skateboards only. For the first couple of years it was great, due to demand we then let Inliners come in and by October 2005 we needed to move to the larger premises where we are now that are approx 4500sq ft.

S-M: So the Park has now being going for 7 1/2 years. Have you had any council or charity funding or support?

DK: We survived through being a family run independant Skatepark, we are not a charity, we do not get funding, we get no help whatsoever.

S-M: Tell us about the park now:

DK: We rely on people coming through our doors to keep us running. We have a great reputation for a clean, safe and friendly park. We have a great atmosphere and it is like one big family. Run by myself, my wife and my daughter with a bit of help from a friend of ours.

S-M: When did you first allow scooters into the park?

DK: Towards the back end of 2009 Inliners had decreased and there was a lack of skateboarders coming to the park, then wham! January 2010 we started allowing these freestyle scooters into the skate park.

S-M: How have you seen the freestyle scooter community grow?

DK: Every day we get phone calls to see we allow Scooters. From day one I have not turned anyone away. I knew this was going to be the next big thing and to be honest, scooters have kept the Skate park open.

S-M: When did you notice a boom in scooter riders at the park?

DK: Throughout 2010 the increase of scooters riders was ten fold and the amount of scooter riders were overtaking skateboards and inline skaters together. This year Scooters have got even bigger. Kids that I haven’t seen for years have come back riding a scooter, instead of a skateboard or inline.

S-M: How do you feel about the the increase of scooters and decrease of the other skate sports?

DK: SCOOTERS have saved my business. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. The problem you get is, is that there are some kids who ride scooters, that have no awareness and etiquette of using an indoor skate park. This has to be taught, but we’ll get there….

S-M: Have you held any scooter competitions at The Boardroom?

DK: We recently held our first Scooter comp which was organised by Born Extreme and sponsored by Madd Gear. It went down great, with riders coming from all over the country.

S-M: Do you have many Pro Riders come to The Boardoom?

DK: We get pro’s traveling down all the time from Madd Gear, Grit, Razor etc and have several riders who come to the park regularly that have become pro riders, and who are sponsored,  Lewis Williams, Ashley Garrett, Tommy Medland to name a few.

S-M: Do you have any more scooter comps planned?

DK: We would like to do more comps in the future and have thought about doing a British open ( so watch this space….)

S-M: What percentage of riders at your park now are on a scooter?

DK: The Scooter scene is growing all the time and we get new scooter riders coming to the park every week. It has gone nuts but it has kept me open I am not complaining.
70 percent of my business now is scooters, averaging about 100 per week.

S-M: Do you have set days and times you allow scooters in?

DK: We allow scooters into the park during normal opening times except Thursday as that is only for B M X Only and on Wednesday we don’t allow scooters into the park after 6.30pm.

S-M: What feature/ramps does the boardroom have?

DK: The Skate park consists of a 5ft Bowl, micro mini ramp,a roll in, banks, ledges, driveway, quarter pipes and removable rails. We try and cater for every user.

The Boardroom, also offers free parking right outside the park, a tuck shop with hot and cold food and drinks. There is also a mezzanine viewing area for parents and friends to sit.

The Boardroom Skatepark, Unit 5St Johns Business Centre, Leicester, LE1 3WL

Tel: 0116 253 71 98

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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