Top Benefits of Scooters

With summer on it’s way (well, hopefully - never too late for another snowstorm), it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spend the longest, sunniest days of the year. If you’re stuck for a new hobby, why not consider giving scootering a try?


There’s loads of benefits to riding a scooter, especially when it comes to your health. Any exercise is better than no exercise at all, and scootering provides plenty of movement to the legs and hips, without being overly strenuous (so, if you’re not particularly fit right now, it’s a good way to ease yourself in without over-exerting yourself).


As scooters are so simple to ride, the scootering scene is extremely inclusive, allowing people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to get in on the action. Many kids and teens find it a great way to socialise, especially if they own an extreme scooterand have the option of going to a skatepark, where hoards of like-minded people hang out at evenings and weekends. Whether you’re showing off your skills on the ramps or playing a humble game of skate with your mates, scootering is a great way to make friends, or simply enjoy your time with the ones you’ve already got.


Not only is scootering good for your social life, but you can also pick up other key skills from being involved in the scooter scene. If you choose to customize your ride with different scooter parts, you’ll soon learn the basics of engineering and mechanics. With the sheer amount of compatibility, performance and quality issues to address, you’ll soon be an expert on basic construction, as well as creating a potentially one-of-a-kind scooter through your hard work. It’s not necessarily the easiest of pursuits (the hit-and-miss of finding parts to fit a certain make and model can be frustrating) but it’s an interesting learning curve and definitely keeps boredom at bay.


Scooters are also a fantastic mode of transport, with many recreational scooters being designed purely for that purpose. Larger wheels can absorb bumps in pavements (just avoid the potholes!) and are pretty fast, too. With the added bonus of being small enough to skate on the pavement, scooters will soon reduce your carbon footprint if you choose to leave the car behind. This isn’t a pursuit reserved just for kids, oh no. Many adults enjoy scootering to work as a way to bypass the tedium of commuting. Give it a go... You won’t regret it!


If you’re still not quite persuaded, you’d be surprised how many people credit scootering as a gateway to other extreme sports. As scootering is relatively simple to master, it’s a great method to learn the ropes before moving on to trickier ways to skate, such as learning to ride a skateboard or BMX. Plus, while you’re getting to know other people at the skate park, you’re likely to meet some great people to tutor you, free of charge!


Just remember to always, without fail, purchase protection with your scooter. As with any action sport, scooter accidents are relatively common. There’s no benefit to a broken leg, so strap up!