While i was sleeping...... The Scooter word went BOOOM!

In true traditional deadline week style, here at Scoot Mag we work all the hours God sends to finished the latest issue and then sleep it off for 2 days. Well this time while i was catching up on some much needed beauty sleep THE scooter video of the year went BOOOOOM! (Yes that's boom with 5 O's so I'm talking big here!)

 Before we slipped off into hibernation we shared this video with you on the Scoot Mag website. (See 3 posts below)  It featuring Dakota Schuetz, Lil Jon, Mike Montgomery, Jake Clark and Vincent Kudrna, doing some of the gnarliest scooter riding known to man. 


As mentioned in our previous post, this was filmed and edited by one of the most respected action sports video makers on the internet, Devin Super tramp. This is not just my opinion, but that of his 797,852 YouTube subscribers. It seems that Devin's followers also include the mighty Red Bull themselves. Within hours of this video going live, Red Bull had share Devin's masterpiece with their 1,400,538 Youtube subscribers plus tweeted (883,576 followers) and instagramed (540204 followers) this picture of Dakota Schuetz massive no hander. This along with the line "Scooters are back" (Now we all know they didn't ever go anywhere, but we won't mention that to Red Bull hey?)


It doesn't stop there.... It then became the number 1 video on youtube's own home page and that doesn't happen by chance, it's down to all the people that watched it. From here someone of importance at Youtube was obviously impressed and shared the video on the Youtube facebook page with the 68,743,672 people (at the time of writing this) that "Like" their page. WOW, now that's big!!! 

Wait, there's more....


Next Devin's video appears on the US Television show 'Right This Minute' click HERE to see it

From there, it in then appeared as 'Video of the Day' on Sportsillustrated.com (scroll down a little HERE to see) 


We also hear The video was played on ESPN SportsCenter, showing Kota's flip rewind over the box, with the announcer say " These guys are taking scooters to a whole new level"


As a touching side note from all this, Dakota and the other great athlete's featured have been receiving huge respect from some of the other big names in the scooter world. Here is just one we stumbled across from the main man Mr Ryan Williams, aka R-Willy himself. Like Ryan, i'd like to personally thank, Devin, Lucky Scooters, Kota, Lil Jon, Jake and Vincent for throwing down so hard in the edit, that it made some big names in the extreme sports and internet world stop and pay this sport the respect it deserves.

What's next?...... We'll just have to wait and see! 


  Since I wrote this post ESPN sports network have also tweeted the video to their 6 millions twitter followers