Happy New Year - Todd's Resolution

 Hey Gang, wanted to say a happy new year to all. A big props to the other editors for hooking you up over Christmas whilst i have been away. 


I have a new years resolution to share with you all that was inspired by a great - yet incredibly frustrating video i saw over the Xmas period

I'm talking about Vienna Calling. 

Now please don't for a minute think that i didn't love the spirit, filming and vast majority of riding of this video, and I think its amazing that riders are getting together to film a great full length edit. in this respect i love it.

But it does stand as a case in point for something that I have been moaning about to you readers since I joined as writing staff on this blog: HEEL DRAG.

I hate seeing great parts ruined by it. It is totally un-legit to see riders doing it, especially on copings and flat ledges, and should have no part in an edit. Heels = not landed. It also astounds me that you never see toe drag on frontside grinds (which are supposedly harder) but so much heel on BS.

Now you may think that this is just a personal thing, but I work with people from all over the action sports industry, and it is one of the primary gripes that people have with scooter riders, and in my mind something that fuels this "scootering is easy" hate that we so often hear from other sports. 


Ok rant nearly over, I just ask you - the scooter riding public - to have a think about heel drag, and ask yourself if you would like to get rid of it, cos all it takes is for you to stop filming it. It's that simple.


Aight, I'm done, so now you should watch Vienna Calling and appreciate how gnarly it is, but just hope that Vienna Calling 2's heels are off the ground all the time :)