Hola, Bonjour, Gutentag, ello!


Hello From ME!

My name is Todd and I shall be joining the online crew and attempting to bring you news, videos, and pretty much everything you need to know about the scooter scene in the UK, US and all around the globe.

If you are a reader of our magazine, then you will have already seen my work as a contributor, if you haven't then do! 'cos our magazine is awesome! I also manage the mob of riders over at Skates.co.uk and MC for events and comps, including the UK Razor Global Domination tour, so consider myself well immersed in the UK scene and hope to bring some of my insight to the website.

I'm always super keen to hear about any edits or news you guys out there may have, so please get in touch at facebook.com/toddskatescouk. Feel free to say hello or leave any feedback!

Well that's it really, suppose i better get on with finding some cool stuff!

Peace out

Todd Grady