Royal Promotions & Phoenix Pro Scooters | Riders United

Phoenix Pro Scooters are coming to the UK!!


Royal Promotions is a new promotional company dedicated to scooters, and for their first ever event they have decided to do a big release of some new products and some big riders coming to the UK! 

Phoenix Pro scooters as you may know are really big in the US and are quite big over here to, so they have came together to bring riders like Josh Kish and Raymond Warner over to look for a UK TEAM!!!

Josh and Raymond will be scouting through the UK talent in the two best trick contest they will be holding, all of this will be done at the infamous skatepark Rampworx up in Liverpool!

Phoenix team manager Jeremy Cathcart will be helping the guys judge and to see what some of the UK riders have to offer. Plus if your not coming to get on the team come on down anyway to see the new revealing of the Josh Kish signature Reventon Deck!

Sessions will be from 12pm-4pm or 4:30pm-8:30pm and for the pros out there, there will be a best trick after each session with money up for grabs!

Scoot-Mag will be at this event covering all aspects of the sessions and comps!

So get down to this insane event on May 19th 2012 at Rampworx Skatepark Liverpool!

See y`all there!