Scoot-Mag | MORPHSUITS!!!

As you may have noticed in each issue of scoot mag we have a Guess The Pro Rider in the Morphsuit competition where who ever guesses the correct answer wins a price like some scooter parts or even a full scooter etc. Morphsuits seems to be loving it and on there Facebook page they have our picture of MGP UK rider Graham Kimbell!



 Here is the original



Yes this does look crazy!! but he's only doing it on a trampoline so don't get ya hopes up for a world first ;). 

Also while scoot mag was out in California we had to do another Guess the Pro Rider in the Morphsuit, and we did out on the Venice Beach 


Danny Roberts, Nathan Weston and Lewis Williams all stood on some rocks doing some pose for the camera! when we rode the skatepark after this photo was taken Lewis kept his Morphsuit on and skaters were going `do a backflip Santa!`.

Look out in issue 4 for the next Guess the Pro Rider in the Morphsuit! 

For more info or anything else to do with morphsuits check out their face book page below!