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Certified Helmets - Explained

If you haven't already heard, The World's Biggest Scooter Event - Scootfest has become the first event in the sport to ban the use of "Un-Certified" helmets (Click here for details). We here at Scoot Mag recognised the problem a while back, when we decided to write an Explained article on lids. 

With the moaning that has been going on around Scootfest's decision, we want to get fully behind them, and show the public what we found when we delved into the world of helmets. So take some time and have a read of our article and have a think about which helmet you want to chose...


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Rule Your District - Extended

If you wanted to enter "RULE YOUR DISTRICT" but didn't have time, well you are in luck! The deadline has been extended to the 8th of september! Click on the image for all the deets!


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Rule Your District Launches

District's biggest ever contest is now underway! They are scanning the globe to find 20 winners - 1 of whom will become the latest member of the worldwide District team with a years Am sponsorship! And it's not just ceremonial, the new rider will get tonnes of parts from District and Eagle, travel support to get to events, and a full page interview in Scoot Mag!

As well as the grand winner, there's loads of District and Eagle swag for the top 15 in the public vote and, the 3 riders with the best trick!

And finally, us here at Scoot Mag are putting up a whopping $500 award for the steeziest rider in the contest!

To enter, get out and film the sickest edit you can before AUGUST 11TH and upload it to the site right here - ENTER HERE

Then from the 12th of August, you can get voting for your favourite videos.

Make sure you check out the launch vid from the District Australia boys HERE, and all the details below...



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Rule Your District Competition

We here at Scoot Mag have teamed up with District to create pretty much the biggest video comp ever. With $10,000 worth of prizes and the chance to become a member of the almighty District team and be featured in Scoot Mag - we aint messin around!

"Introducing the Rule Your District Video Contest. Video submission period opens Friday, July 19th. Riders from around the world will be able to submit their original 2-minute edit for a chance to win over $10,000 worth of prizes and become a District AM rider! We will be releasing more information all week, so keep checking the Facebook page for details. ‪#‎ruleyourdistrict‬"

So get yourself over to the District Facebook Page right now, get liking and keep an eye. Also be sure to check out the hilarious intro video from the District Australia boys - Coedie, Rory and Chris...

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Phoenix AM - Roomet Saalik

Sick news out of Estonia as Phoenix expand their team - Phoenix know how to treat their riders, and this kid is a SHREDDER! :

"Roomet Säälik – Welcome to the Phoenix Phamily!

Beaverton, Oregon – Phoenix Pro Scooters is proud to announce the addition of Roomet Säälik of Estonia, to the Phoenix AM Team.  You might have seen Roomet’s “Sponsor Me” edit on Inside Scooters last week.  Well, Phoenix owner, Tom Floyd saw it and knew he had to act fast. “I clicked on this edit and my jaw just hit the freaking floor”, said Floyd. “I couldn’t believe the ender, I had to watch it a few times”. 
“We are in the process of getting Roomet a fresh setup and all the goods.  We will be looking for him to get to some comps and show his stuff”, Floyd added.  
When asked how he felt about joining such an elite squad of riders on the Phoenix Team, Roomet said,
“It's a very good feeling riding now in the Phoenix Pro Scooters Team. It's a great promotion for a 13-year old guy from a small country like Estonia. Awesome!”
We are stoked to have you on board, Roomet!"

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Top Benefits of Scooters

With summer on it’s way (well, hopefully - never too late for another snowstorm), it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spend the longest, sunniest days of the year. If you’re stuck for a new hobby, why not consider giving scootering a try?


There’s loads of benefits to riding a scooter, especially when it comes to your health. Any exercise is better than no exercise at all, and scootering provides plenty of movement to the legs and hips, without being overly strenuous (so, if you’re not particularly fit right now, it’s a good way to ease yourself in without over-exerting yourself).


As scooters are so simple to ride, the scootering scene is extremely inclusive, allowing people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to get in on the action. Many kids and teens find it a great way to socialise, especially if they own an extreme scooterand have the option of going to a skatepark, where hoards of like-minded people hang out at evenings and weekends. Whether you’re showing off your skills on the ramps or playing a humble game of skate with your mates, scootering is a great way to make friends, or simply enjoy your time with the ones you’ve already got.


Not only is scootering good for your social life, but you can also pick up other key skills from being involved in the scooter scene. If you choose to customize your ride with different scooter parts, you’ll soon learn the basics of engineering and mechanics. With the sheer amount of compatibility, performance and quality issues to address, you’ll soon be an expert on basic construction, as well as creating a potentially one-of-a-kind scooter through your hard work. It’s not necessarily the easiest of pursuits (the hit-and-miss of finding parts to fit a certain make and model can be frustrating) but it’s an interesting learning curve and definitely keeps boredom at bay.


Scooters are also a fantastic mode of transport, with many recreational scooters being designed purely for that purpose. Larger wheels can absorb bumps in pavements (just avoid the potholes!) and are pretty fast, too. With the added bonus of being small enough to skate on the pavement, scooters will soon reduce your carbon footprint if you choose to leave the car behind. This isn’t a pursuit reserved just for kids, oh no. Many adults enjoy scootering to work as a way to bypass the tedium of commuting. Give it a go... You won’t regret it!


If you’re still not quite persuaded, you’d be surprised how many people credit scootering as a gateway to other extreme sports. As scootering is relatively simple to master, it’s a great method to learn the ropes before moving on to trickier ways to skate, such as learning to ride a skateboard or BMX. Plus, while you’re getting to know other people at the skate park, you’re likely to meet some great people to tutor you, free of charge!


Just remember to always, without fail, purchase protection with your scooter. As with any action sport, scooter accidents are relatively common. There’s no benefit to a broken leg, so strap up!

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Win a copy of Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus crew have recently released the incredible 3D movie, and we've teamed up with leading action sports store FreestyleXtreme [] to offer you the chance to win the new movie on Blu Ray or DVD!

The film is centered around Travis and his bunch of highly skilled action sports friends. By using a combination of talent and sheer bravery, the crew perform an array of death-defying and incredible stunts across the world. From playing real life bowling to jumping off sky scrapers, these guys have done it all.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer the question below.

What's the name of the Nitro Circus shows which take place across the world?

A) Nitro Circus in Action
B) Nitro Circus Live
C) The Nitro Crew On Tour

Please send the correct answer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 1 May 2013. The winner will be selected at random and will be notified the same day. Good luck!

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Luke Painter joins Blazer Pro!

Well I've got to say I wouldn't have guess this one!!! BIG news right here.......

 Luke Painter has to be one of our favourite riders here at Scoot Mag and we are really stoked for him to be joining Blazer Pro. You can guarantee this mean's big things for Blazer Pro and Luke in 2013!

Watch this space for more info. 


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Luke Painter joins TSI

I remember once asking Luke Painter if he could ride for any brand, who would it be? His answer......... see below! 

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Digital version of issue 9 now free!

Do you have an iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android device, Windows phone, Blackberry or just about any other smart phone or tablet? 

As issue 9 of Scoot Mag is pretty much sold out everywhere, we thought we'd offer it to you all total free. Find out how to get your copy HERE



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While i was sleeping...... The Scooter word went BOOOM!

In true traditional deadline week style, here at Scoot Mag we work all the hours God sends to finished the latest issue and then sleep it off for 2 days. Well this time while i was catching up on some much needed beauty sleep THE scooter video of the year went BOOOOOM! (Yes that's boom with 5 O's so I'm talking big here!)

 Before we slipped off into hibernation we shared this video with you on the Scoot Mag website. (See 3 posts below)  It featuring Dakota Schuetz, Lil Jon, Mike Montgomery, Jake Clark and Vincent Kudrna, doing some of the gnarliest scooter riding known to man. 


As mentioned in our previous post, this was filmed and edited by one of the most respected action sports video makers on the internet, Devin Super tramp. This is not just my opinion, but that of his 797,852 YouTube subscribers. It seems that Devin's followers also include the mighty Red Bull themselves. Within hours of this video going live, Red Bull had share Devin's masterpiece with their 1,400,538 Youtube subscribers plus tweeted (883,576 followers) and instagramed (540204 followers) this picture of Dakota Schuetz massive no hander. This along with the line "Scooters are back" (Now we all know they didn't ever go anywhere, but we won't mention that to Red Bull hey?)


It doesn't stop there.... It then became the number 1 video on youtube's own home page and that doesn't happen by chance, it's down to all the people that watched it. From here someone of importance at Youtube was obviously impressed and shared the video on the Youtube facebook page with the 68,743,672 people (at the time of writing this) that "Like" their page. WOW, now that's big!!! 

Wait, there's more....


Next Devin's video appears on the US Television show 'Right This Minute' click HERE to see it

From there, it in then appeared as 'Video of the Day' on (scroll down a little HERE to see) 


We also hear The video was played on ESPN SportsCenter, showing Kota's flip rewind over the box, with the announcer say " These guys are taking scooters to a whole new level"


As a touching side note from all this, Dakota and the other great athlete's featured have been receiving huge respect from some of the other big names in the scooter world. Here is just one we stumbled across from the main man Mr Ryan Williams, aka R-Willy himself. Like Ryan, i'd like to personally thank, Devin, Lucky Scooters, Kota, Lil Jon, Jake and Vincent for throwing down so hard in the edit, that it made some big names in the extreme sports and internet world stop and pay this sport the respect it deserves.

What's next?...... We'll just have to wait and see! 


  Since I wrote this post ESPN sports network have also tweeted the video to their 6 millions twitter followers



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Talk to Terry, no wait... make that R-Willy

So you'll all know Terry Price is our resident agony uncle here at Scoot Mag. This coming issue Terry has taken some time off to explain some grab's to us for a new feature, so Ryan Williams is going to be keeping his seat warm and answering your questions. If you've got something you want to ask Ryan, please email your questions to Terry's email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ryan will answer what he can in the next issue of Scoot Mag! 


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Happy New Year - Todd's Resolution

 Hey Gang, wanted to say a happy new year to all. A big props to the other editors for hooking you up over Christmas whilst i have been away. 


I have a new years resolution to share with you all that was inspired by a great - yet incredibly frustrating video i saw over the Xmas period

I'm talking about Vienna Calling. 

Now please don't for a minute think that i didn't love the spirit, filming and vast majority of riding of this video, and I think its amazing that riders are getting together to film a great full length edit. in this respect i love it.

But it does stand as a case in point for something that I have been moaning about to you readers since I joined as writing staff on this blog: HEEL DRAG.

I hate seeing great parts ruined by it. It is totally un-legit to see riders doing it, especially on copings and flat ledges, and should have no part in an edit. Heels = not landed. It also astounds me that you never see toe drag on frontside grinds (which are supposedly harder) but so much heel on BS.

Now you may think that this is just a personal thing, but I work with people from all over the action sports industry, and it is one of the primary gripes that people have with scooter riders, and in my mind something that fuels this "scootering is easy" hate that we so often hear from other sports. 


Ok rant nearly over, I just ask you - the scooter riding public - to have a think about heel drag, and ask yourself if you would like to get rid of it, cos all it takes is for you to stop filming it. It's that simple.


Aight, I'm done, so now you should watch Vienna Calling and appreciate how gnarly it is, but just hope that Vienna Calling 2's heels are off the ground all the time :)

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Steve Wilson

Sad news from the states as the news has come that OG riders rider Steve Wilson has passed away. Our thoughts are with all those who knew and loved him. Check out his insane sponsor video from back in 2007!

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MGP Christmas party dates 2012

Got your diary's at the ready? Or even better your FREE Scoot Mag calendar that comes with issue 10. Madd Gear UK have announced their Christmas party dates. Be sure to get along to at least one of these. We joined MGP last years for these and they sure know how to party!! 


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Rad Stuff From Today

 Some more badass stuff what I done saw today...

First up our man Jake Pogson gabbing some serious deck!


Then Luke Painter getting gnarly whilst filming the Dogg DVD - Another rad thing is that i found out Dogg are making a DVD!


And Finally - this absolutely incredible piece of unrelated but megauberrad craziness

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Johan Grunwald 'Hoo Tigh' highlights

Sorry i know I'm a little late putting this one up. I've been busy working on an article for the next issue or Scoot Mag about Mr Grunwald and the 'Hoo Tigh' crew. I've loved watching whats evolved out of Hoo Tigh over the last few months and can't wait to get this article down in print. 

We've seen quiet a lot of Johan in the UK since he join Phase Two and we look forward to seeing more of this crew soon too. 

 In the meantime, check out what Johan's got to offer in this highlights edit. 


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Mitch Baldry Is Breaking Boundaries

Mitch is having a great year, California, Joining AO, Nitro Circus, nearly triple flipping the mega ramp and now the first scooter rider on mega-trendy mag site HYPEBEAST.
Not sure if i posted the video before, but check it below and click the LINK HERE to see what all the fuss is about, as well as a fairly hilarious argument in the comments section on "if scootering is cool enough for HypeBeast"... oh yeah they also called him MATCH which sucks...

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Kota's on Lucky

 You didn't read it here first! Super slow on this news but it looks like possibly the biggest agreement we have seen in scootering.


Here he is on the Scoot-Mag cover back in t' day...


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Scoot Mag is now available for download on most smart phones, tablets and other similar devices. 

It comes with loads of extra features such as links to help you easily navigate the magazine, videos built into the articles and picture galleries full of never before seen pictures. 


To download the magazine in the Apple App Store, click here: Scoot Mag in the App Store


To download the magazine for Android devices from Google Play, click here: Scoot Mag for Android


To download the magazine for Windows 8 and Surface, download the Pocketmags app. Please make your purchases at, then search for Pocketmags in the Windows Store and download and login to the app.


To download the magazine for Kindle Fire, please search for Scoot Mag in the device app store.


To download the magazine for Blackberry devices search for pocketmags in the device app store and download the magazine in there.

Alternatively, if you do not have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet you can also view our magazine on the Pocket Mags website, click here: Scoot Mag on Pocket Mags.

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Hola, Bonjour, Gutentag, ello!


Hello From ME!

My name is Todd and I shall be joining the online crew and attempting to bring you news, videos, and pretty much everything you need to know about the scooter scene in the UK, US and all around the globe.

If you are a reader of our magazine, then you will have already seen my work as a contributor, if you haven't then do! 'cos our magazine is awesome! I also manage the mob of riders over at and MC for events and comps, including the UK Razor Global Domination tour, so consider myself well immersed in the UK scene and hope to bring some of my insight to the website.

I'm always super keen to hear about any edits or news you guys out there may have, so please get in touch at Feel free to say hello or leave any feedback!

Well that's it really, suppose i better get on with finding some cool stuff!

Peace out

Todd Grady


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Scoot Mag signed Canvas on Ebay for Charity

While at XFest this weekend we got chance to get most of top UK pro riders to sign this Scoot Mag canvas. The canvas was kindly donated to us by

We've decide we would put the canvas on ebay and auction it off for charity. 100% off the winning bid will go to the children's charity, The Variety Club.

Details of the charity can be found here on the Variety Club Website

The canvas is approximately 30 x 20 inches

You will find the canvas on ebay HERE 

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Royal Promotions & Phoenix Pro Scooters | Riders United

Phoenix Pro Scooters are coming to the UK!!


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Ryan Upchurch joins Scoot Mag like this........

Scoot Mag would like to welcome Ryan Upchurch from Envy Scooters to the team. Ryan is the 1st of our US team riders, representing Envy and Scoot Mag and he's joined in style!! This is absolutely, frickin crazy.

Ryan was over at Travis Pastrana's compound, to hit the 'resi mega' for a program to appear on ESPN! Keep an eye out for that, as well as Ryan's 'Welcome to Scoot Mag' edit. 

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Scoot Mag Issue 5 is out NOW!

This issue is packed with loads of content about the world of scooters, including:

  •  Interviews with: Ryan Williams, Brendon Smith & Jacques Honour
  • How to with Luke Painter & Perry Grant
  • This is Trurowith Matt Brown
  • Event Coverage from: Barcelona Street Jam, Moomba Australia & Epic USA
  • Explained: Scooter Tools

To find your nearest stockist please click here: Scoot Mag Stockists

Issue 5 will also available from WHSmiths and Independent Newsagents around the country after the 12th of April.

Alternatively, you can buy or subscribe to our magazine in our online store. Click here: Scoot Mag Shop 


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The 777 Project DVD Trailer!

 Here we have a new DVD coming to the states around August time. Featuring some big pro riders such as Jon Devrind,Hunter Bechtle (winner of Barcelona Street Jam) and Jake Hershey. 

Check out their Facebook Page for news and updates.

Below we have the trailer that has a few sneak peaks of whats to come.


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X-Fest Scooter Course Released!


X-Fest has released the designs of the scooter course they are going to build for the competition!


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Win personalised Grip tape from


Here's a little competition for you. The guys over at are offering you the chance to win 1 of 10 free sheets of grip tape. This can be any pattern and shape on their website and can even include your name or favourite brand printed on it. 

It's so easy to be in with a chance of winning. All you need to do is like their facebook page here..... then tag Scoot Mag on their wall. To do this type on their FB page. 

Winners will be picked at random a week today (March 5th) and contacted via facebook to let them know. You will then be given a promo code for to claim your free personalised tape. GOOD LUCK and get liking!!!! 






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Want to ride for Scoot Mag?

So the time has come to recruit A new Scoot Mag team member. We have one more space in the team car and it could be yours!

Here at Scoot Mag we have 4 team riders, and its time to find the 5th. 

Lewis Williams


Danny Roberts



Dom Olorenshaw


Ollie Luton



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Win a Grit Elite 2 from have kindly donated a NEW Grit Elite 2 in blue, as a prize for a new competition!!

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Nat Barber & Scott Higgs Join razor

Razor UK have two new team remembers. Nat Barber and Scott Higgs join the already brilliant line up and talented British scooter riders.

Check out Scott's first showing as a Razor rider in his latest street clips edit.

Congratulations guys, and well deserved too. 


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Dakota Schuetz Wins SD6

The 6th San Diego Scooter Competition went down yesterday at Mission Valley, YMCA in San Diego. Pro results are as follows:

1st, Dakota Schuetz USA

2nd, Ryan Williams AUS

3rd, Raymond Warner USA

4th, Matt Mckeen USA

5th Max Peters AUS

 Zig Short took best trick by jumping a huge gap into a massive bowl.

Congratulations to you all.

More details to follow shortly




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Scoot-Mag | MORPHSUITS!!!

As you may have noticed in each issue of scoot mag we have a Guess The Pro Rider in the Morphsuit competition where who ever guesses the correct answer wins a price like some scooter parts or even a full scooter etc. Morphsuits seems to be loving it and on there Facebook page they have our picture of MGP UK rider Graham Kimbell!



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Scoot-Mag Firing Line Competition!

 On our Facebook page ( ) we are running a little competition till this saturday at 8pm. check out the details below...

Its called a `Firing Line`, which is basically when you film a run of you doing the best tricks you can in one clip, one after the other. Heres an example from our rider Danny Roberts.

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Sam Everett | Welcome To MGP UK

 Sam Everett is the newest edition to the MGP UK team! fits in really nicely with the rest of the team with his tricks being individual and unique, especially the banger at the end.

Congrats Sam, heres his welcome edit below.

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GIz Radford | MADD Girls | Backflip!!!!

 Gizmo is the first GIRL in Europe to do a backflip on a scooter!!!! from everyone here at scoot mag, WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!

here it is.....

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81 Customs Scooter Trick | phone APP

Finally someone has released a phone app to teach you how to do Scooter tricks. Who better to show you than 81 Customs and their Pro Team rider Corey Wakeman.

No more watching YouTube HOW TO'S at home and trying to remember them down the skatepark. Now you can watch and read how to do them direct from your phone. 


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zig short loving Scoot Mag

While we were out in the US, we got chance to hook up with Zig Short and give him a copy of Scoot Mag. 

We arrived at Clairmount YMCA Skatepark, to find Zig, Tyler Bonner and Benj Friant there, plus we had Dakota along with us anyway. It was a good chance to get the American pro riders views on the magazine. 

Until the coming issue (number 3) Scoot Mag wasn't available out in the US, so these guys hadn't seen it before. We had done and interview with Benj in the second issue plus, Zig's Elyts back pack had been reviewed in there too. Dakota had been interviewed while in the UK for NASS which featured in issue 1, so we were keen to see what they all thought of it. 

The good news is they all thought it was epic!

We also arranged some interviews with Zig and Tyler for future issues so keep your eye out for them.

To keep up to date with what Zig is up to, and see his latest edits first, 'LIKE' his Pro page on facebook

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Dakota Schuetz Completes Tricknology

While we were out here in California, we asked Dakota if he'd have a go at Tricknology. Apart from 1 trick, he nailed everything 1st try.

Read more about it in the next issue of Scoot Mag, but for now, here's the proof!!!

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MGP Xmas Logo Competition!

 We need YOU to help MADD design a new XMAS logo!!


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Ryan Williams on Shock Mansion

As we all know, Ryan Williams (MGP AUS TEAM) new web edit is just absolutely crazy. Shock has pronounced him to be the BEST SCOOTER RIDER IN THE WORLD! and we don't blame them, he is just the king of being a BOSS!

check out the link below and write up +photos!



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Talk to terry

Its seems the norm in a magazine, to have an agony aunt to answer the problems of the nation. Well we wouldn't want to break that mould, so we'd like to introduce Scoot Mag's resident agony Uncle, Terry Price.


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Scoot mag issue 1 winners

The winner of the Issue 1 competition - GUESS THE PRO RIDER IN THE MORPHSUIT, is................ Kieron Rossiter.

The correct answer was, C: Josh RB

Congratulations Kieron. You've won yourself a Razor Ultra Pro Black Label, a Razor T-shirt and Razor Stickers. 




The 81 Customs comp winners will be announced as soon they have all replied to our text messages. 

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Proline Skate Scooter Advert

Read more about why Nathan Weston was wearing a Green Morphsuit, in the making of the TV advert for Proline Skate. The full story is in issue 2 of Scoot Mag.


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UK Skate burglary! £1000 cash reward!

Last night between 04:00am & 05:30am the UK Skate Shop was robbed of a very high value of Stunt Scooters. There were at least 2 intruders and possibly more involved.



Large numbers of the following scooter types were stolen

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Scoot Mag Issue #1 Tour! | Update, Grit UK Join us

The Scoot Mag issue 1 tour kicks of this Tuesday 9th of August.

There will be 4 riders on tour plus we are meeting up with lots of guest pro riders along the way.

 Tour riders are 

  • Lewis Williams
  • Danny Roberts
  • Ollie Luton
  • Lewis Crampton

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Scoot Mag issue #1 is finally here!

Issue number 1 of Scoot Mag is finally here and it is crammed full!

 We've got:

  • How to's with MGP's Graham Kimbell and Razor's Lewis Crampton
  • Full coverage of every stop of the Razor Global domination tour
  • Coverage or Relentless NASS 2011
  • 6 Questions with US riders Jason Beggs, Cary Mosbrucker and Ryan Upchurch
  • An interview with the phenomenon that is Dakota Schuetz
  • Danny Roberts hits MK (Milton Keynes)
  • Rising star Keenan Mehmet's story
  • Explained section of Compression Systems
  • Look Mum I'm in Scoot Mag - photo's you sent in to us
  • Featured Skate Parks. Indoor = UKSKATE, Outdoor = Bottesford
  • Tricktionary, in detail. A to E, with Razor Pro Ben Grantham
  • Ryan McNamara's 540 Flair
  • Free Scoot Mag Bar/Helmet sticker (UK only)
  • Free Double sided poster
  • LOADS of free stuff to be given away including, Bars, Scooter, wheels, back pack and more

This and more, will be available in all good scooter stores from Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th of August! 


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Danny Roberts | This is MK

Issue one of Scoot Mag follows Danny Roberts around some of his favourite spots in Milton Keynes. We asked Jake to go along to film the photo shoot and here is the result. Check it out below, and be sure to get issue one of Scoot Mag to see Danny's story. 

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Win a WHITE MGP Team edition from Rawk

So as I'm sure you will all know, there is only 1 place in the UK you can get this sick looking WHITE Madd Gear team,

Well these guys have kindly donated one for us to give away!  

Here is some more details on the team edition, as if you don't already know:

MADD MGP Team Edition White - RAWK Exclusive

    •    18.5" Wide x 22" High KRUNK Chromoly Tempered One Piece Y-Bars
    •    Durable MGP Squid Grips with Internal Bar Ends
    •    Krunk Triple Stacked Collar Clamp
    •    ProTech Alloy Headset
    •    Pro Spec Reinforced Concave Aluminium 4" Deck
    •    Patented Forged Single Piece Deck and Goose Neck Configuration
    •    Full Length MGP Skull Grip Tape
    •    Patented BAMF Slide In Flex Brake System Krunk Reinforced Forged Forks
    •    100mm AERO Alloy Core Wheels
    •    Krunk K-1 Bearings

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