An interview with Graham Kimbell

Here at Scoot-Mag we wanted find out a little more about some of the biggest names on the UK scooter scene. So where better to start than with Madd Gear UK’s Graham Kimbell.

SM – So Graham, first of all how did it all begin for you ?

GK – A loooooong time ago scooters became a huge craze where I lived. My other brothers and their friends all bought them and so did I, but because I was so much younger than the rest I didn’t quit before the scene really took off.
SM – You’re a pro rider for the Madd team now, how did you get on the most well known team around the globe?
GK – I was riding for Dogg scooters before they started working with Madd and eventually I was offered a spot on the Madd Gear team out of the blue

SM – What’s your current setup?


SM – Who are the riders that encourage you ?

GK – Lewis Crampton encourages me to ride a lot, I’d get so bored without him living at my house all the time. Also the Madd UK team and riders like Danny Roberts, Lewis Williams etc. are always pushing me to learn new things so I can keep up with them ♥

SM – What’s been the highest point in your career?

GK – I think going to Czech Republic to ride at the Meatfly Jam was one of my favourite experiences, but I loved the UK tour last summer with Madd and Razor UK purely because of the people who went

SM- Being on Madd have they taken you anywhere that you’ve never been before ??

GK – Well we went on our summer tour last year, where we visited all the best skateparks in the UK, most of which I’d never been to before. This summer we’re going on a trip around Europe, I haven’t been to most of the countries on the list so I can’t wait for that either


SM – Out of all the places you have been to, what has been your favourite place to ride?

GK – It’s hard to pick, I still love my local parks like Harby and Bottesford more than anywhere else because I’m so used to them

SM – What was your first scooter?

GK – I think it was an old razor A model D:

SM – Well Graham thanks for taking the time to talk us, carry on repping Madd UK and good luck in the future 

Below are 2 of Graham’s edits. The 1st is for Madd Gear UK and the second is Graham representing his other sponsor, 64 Bar Clothing