An interview with Ryan McNamara

Next up in the hot seat is Ryan MacNamara.

SM – Yoo Ryann! hows everything going in your scooting world?

RM – Pretty good to be honest, been planning on going to the razor tour stops and seeing as I have hardly been to any of the big skate parks in the UK, I can’t wait.

SM – You’ve been put on to the Phoenix Pro UK team!! How do you feel about that and what did you do when you found out ?

RM – Being on Phoenix is so sick! Not only are the parts dialled, it’s such a big company and all the riders are shredders! When I found out I was on Phoenix I was round my friends house and I shouted ”sickkkkk!” haha, I called up my parents straight away and told them and they were really happy for me, from then on I’ve been progressing so fast.

SM – What do you find the best in phoenix products?

RM – I’ve not had much experience on Phoenix parts but from what experience I’ve had, I love that they’re not heavy and so smooth to flow about the park. I’ve never seen an un-dialed Phoenix set-up and all the parts just look so sick.

SM – We saw you trying to 360 backflp at the Born Extreme scooter competition! Got any new tricks your working on/landed?

RM – Yeah I wish I could have got a nice clean one on camera, would have been great to put into an edit but yeah! I have a few new big tricks, almost landed a 1080 last week. Since the competition I’ve got a few more street tricks aswell.

SM – How did it all begin for you? What got you into scootering?

RM – Around a year ago I used to go down the park on my skates and bring along a pair of shoes and when I got down there I had a little skate and if there was anyone riding a scooter down there I would ask to have a go, after about 1-2 months of doing that I considered buying my own scooter, I started off with a JD Bug and customised it up a little, I learnt most of the basics on that and worked my way up to getting sponsored by

SM – What is or will be your current setup?

RM – My set-up is going to be:
Purple Phoenix Integrated Deck
Purple Phoenix Phorx
Purple Phoenix Cylinder SCS Clamp
Black Phoenix Suicide Bars
Purple District Grips
Black on Black Phoenix Integra Wheels
Phoenix Switchblade Brake
Standard Grip Tape.

SM – Which riders inspired you to scoot?

RM – During the time I had my JD Bug I used to watch scooting videos on youtube of most of the MADD gear team, Terry price, Graham Kimbell, Ryan Williams, Adam Bolton… They were the riders with sick style when I started scooting, there are many more riders now.

SM – We’ve seen your video Sleepy Head (link below), been working on any new videos lately???? ……must of hurt ahaaa!!

RM - I was pretty happy with that video, I hadn’t watched any of the clips that day, was just filming, so when I saw the video the next day I loved it, I haven’t really been working on a video, usually I make a day video but have been thinking about filming over a couple weeks of constant riding, will have to wait and see.

SM – Right thanks for your time Ryan  wish you all the best and hopefully looking forward to seeing new videos out soon  
Any last shout outs!!??!?!

RM – No problem  Thank you and all the best for you aswell  .
Can’t wait to meet everyone and all new people at all the Razor tour stops ♥