An interview with Danny Roberts

Scoot-Mag’s next interview needed to be with someone who ruled the street. It had to be Danny Roberts!

SM – So Danny, how did it all begin for you?

DR – Basically it began with a normal day at the local, got out the skates and was rolling around. Then some kid who we had never seen before turned up on some ghetto quickstep scooter with one grip and was just lurking around. I took of the skates, wacked on my trainers and asked for a go. The kid was cool and within a few attempts of trying tailwhips I finally rolled away from a spread-eagle whip and I was so stoked! This then lead to my interests of riding, and I was immediately on Youtube searching up scooter edits trying to get a real insight as to what can be done on scooters. With the help of Coedie Donovan – Punk Scooters edit and Matt Mckeen’s – Dream Team Supreme vid. Finally Googled scooters and bought my first JD Bug (Anodized Black)  from Skatehut in November 09. And it all started their pretty much.

SM – What is your riding style?

DR – Well considering my local consists of scrap metal and the floor is a cheese grater I instantly adapted to riding flat, mostly at Aldi car park or on my drive as it was smooth before taking a lot of the tricks to a kicker at the local. From the flatland riding I was then inspired by the likes of Brandon Kilbury and Robert Eaton to become more tech, mixing things up with scooter fakie combo’s. Then it wasn’t until we discovered a new spot in my home town that I began taking the tricks from the kicker or flat, and sending them down sets which is where I definitely became fond of street riding. So yeah, definitely specialize in flat/street/tech riding.
SM- What music do you listen to while riding?
DR – When riding, I like to listen to music that I can just chill to, preferably with a nice beat and something that could potentially flow with an edit! Tend to listen to artists like Foals, Hockey, Friendly Fires, Yeasayer and if im feeling a hype sesh I skip straight to the Drum and Bass or Screemo! Haha normally gets the adrenaline going.
SM – What’s your top 5 fav places to ride?
DR – When it comes to riding, and loving street so much I could pretty much be strolling through a city or town and come across a set with a nice run-up or a drop so normally could just get lucky with it.
But top 5 definitely has to be:
Milton Keynes as that places is like heaven for sets and plazas.
Cornwall, specifically Truro plaza cos again, that is everything I love in one area.
Leicester is another city I enjoy riding, full of some absolute shredders who are locals to Boardroom, but also has DM University which is always good to ride after a heated park sesh.
Broughton Astley is a great little park, with a perfect size manny-pad and grind box, as well as a smooth hip to ride.
The last park has got to be my local haha, as much as I complain about it, it has a real good vibe with some sound skaters who chill their. This is also the place I started riding from day one and like to be as creative as possible with what we have. (6 different ramps) haa!
SM – Who are the riders you grew up looking up to ?
DR – This is hard for me, as I kind of missed out on the whole scene with SR forums and stuff, and never really was in contact with UK riders so being a fan of Youtube I started to get a lot of my inspiration from riders worldwide, more so in America or Australia. Definitely list Matt Mckeen as one of the top riders who I loved to watch, perfect style for street and a massive combination of tricks. Again, Coedie Donovan as back then it seemed like he could do every single trick possible on a stock scooter so he was always great to watch. But more so nowadays I love riding with people in the UK especially a lot of Team Razor, Madd, Born Extreme and RFS. In fact, everyone who is real keen for the sport and trying to push it to new levels every day. Also Rob Wasp was the first sponsored rider I had ever met back in the day, he was such a solid rider with a lot of big tricks and was sound to speak to. I could name so many individually but it would make this essay even more of an eye-bleed to read (A) Sorry guys haa
SM– What’s the first trick you learnt?
DR – First trick I landed was a tailwhip. I was so happy at the time!
SM – Are you working on any new tricks?
DR – I’m currently trying to push myself towards ramp riding and becoming more confident with mini’s, spines and boxes so a lot of style tricks and learning to booooost!
SM – Are you working on a new video?
DR – I will be starting to film for a new video very, very soon. I’m looking forward to it as I love pushing myself to accomplishing bigger things, and the feeling of rolling away from a banger that I never really thought was possible back when I started.
SM – Tell us about your set-up?
DR – Wow, my set-up is so ghetto at the moment:
Razor black label deck
Razor black Label forks
Razor Ultra stock bars 24″ high 16″ wide
Stock headset
ODI longnecks
Swish pegs
Blazer Metal Cores
Wouldn’t know what it is like to step foot on a dialled scooter these days haha.
SM – Who are you representing at the moment?
DR – I was recently put onto Dogg Scooters Pro Team which was such a big step forward in my riding and I was so stoked when I received the news.


SM – What do you think of Scoot-Mag……. be nice  ?
DR – Scoot-Mag is the perfect idea for the UK scene, and even worldwide as it is full of information about upcoming events, products, reviews, skateparks, tutorials and just pretty much everything you need to know, which will help become a stronger rider with a good mind for the sport.
SM – Do you have any requests or shout outs?
DR – Basically can not wait to ride with all the shredders around the UK, have a massive jam and as I drive. I’m just gona basically try attend as many events as possible, as it’s the UK scene that keeps me going, as well as Dogg Scooters and Scoot-Mag, moocho love for you all ♥