64 Bars’ Ollie Thompson

 We caught up with Ollie Thompson to have a quick chat about his new 64 Bar Clothing  edit.

SM – Hey Ollie. New edit looking pretty sick. How did you get into scootering?

OT – Ahh cheers man, well it started when I got a scooter for Christmas almost 2 years ago. I used to just hop off curbs with my local friends, then I saw videos of people like Perry, Terry etc

SM – We see you’re representing 64 bar clothing. They have a great range of ideas for clothing and it’s all scootering based. What did you do to get onto the team?

OT – Well I knew the owner quite well which is always a plus, but they asked me if I could represent 64, so it all started from there.

SM – Well, we hope all goes well in the future for you and get some more footage to make a new edit. Thanks

OT- Thanks man, I’d like to thank Brandon James for filming/editing, and Mark and Ash from 64bar for hooking me up.

Check out 64 Bar’s website and facebook page to keep up to date with their clothing range.