An interview with Brandon James

It’s exam time for Brandon James so he’s currently deep in revision, but kindly found the time for a quick interview with Scoot-Mag.

SM – Hey Brandon, how did it all begin for you? Scooter riding that is, we’re not asking for details of your birth!

BJ – Well when I was about 13 I got a scooter and just started messing around on it and then started watching videos of Terry, Coedie all the beasts of the sport back then so then started trying some of the tricks and really enjoyed doing it so yeh ….

SM – What is your riding style?

BJ – I would say my style is big park or tech, because I love riding everything

SM – What sort of music do you listen to while you are riding?

BJ – Chill music or DUBSTEP !

SM – What your top 5 places to ride?

BJ – Pioneer, Revolution, Corby, Cantelowes and The Boardroom

SM – Who are the riders you grew up looking up to ?

BJ – It has to be Terry Price and Coedie Donovan

SM – What’s the first trick you ever learnt?

BJ – My first trick was a nofooter

SM – Are you working on any new tricks at the moment?

BJ – I’m working on a lot more front flip variations, and learning to go backwards  plus also more techy stuff

SM – What’s your current setup?

BJ – District DK2 bars, District DK2 deck, 110 Eagle wheels, District bearings, District grips, District forks, District pegs and SCS…….. oh and District griptape <3


SM – Who are you representing at the moment?

BJ – District scooters, (clearly, see above ^^^ haha) Eagle-sport wheels, 64bar clothing and also skatehut

SM – So what’s next for you Brandon?

BJ – Film some more edits, have fun and chill with friends and promote my sponsors as much as I can

SM – Can you give us your feedback on what you think of Scoot-Mag so far?

BJ – It’s so legit like all of these interviews video posts pictures etc everything and its UK based !

SM – Thanks for your time Brandon, we’ll let you get back to the books. Any shout outs before we leave you?

BJ – Thanks to Marcel and Ross for all my scooter parts and thanks to Mark and Ash for all my tee shirts.  Last but not least love to Scoot id <3 Please check out and Subscribe to 64 on youtube