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D-Rob on a Bean Bag

 Yeah, Danny chillin on a Bbag, shooting the breeze with Ben off of Skates. Cool.

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Elyts UK Tour - Part 1

As i'm sure you'll all know, Ben J Friant and Zig Short from Elyts hit the UK recently for a tour. Well our own Lewis Williams joined them for the 1st few stops at Bay 66 in London and then on to Revolution skatepark.

Here is Elyts tour edit part 1, as well as some sick riding there is also some interesting bails from Lewis.

Keep your eye out here for part 2 of the Elyts UK tour. Read all about the tour in the next issue of Scoot Mag plus see our review of the Elyts clothing on footwear range. 

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Talk to Terry!!

If your wanting to know anything about scootering or how to get into it, who else is better to ask then Terry Price pro mixer for MGP UK.

Ask him a question and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and look out for you answer in issue 3 of scoot mag!        



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BenJ Friant Interview in issue 2 of Scoot-Mag

 In the next issue of Scoot-Mag there will be an interview from a massive name in the sport!

His name is Benjamin (Benj) Friant, he rides for District Scooters, Urban Kreation clothing and Eagle Sport Wheels.

Check out his new insane edit below!!


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Meet Mr H

You'll all remember the Mr H scooter handlebar competition we ran a few weeks ago. Well here's an interview with Ben Hampton aka Mr H, explaining how, where and why Mr H bars came about. 

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An interview with Brandon James

It’s exam time for Brandon James so he’s currently deep in revision, but kindly found the time for a quick interview with Scoot-Mag.

SM – Hey Brandon, how did it all begin for you? Scooter riding that is, we’re not asking for details of your birth!

BJ – Well when I was about 13 I got a scooter and just started messing around on it and then started watching videos of Terry, Coedie all the beasts of the sport back then so then started trying some of the tricks and really enjoyed doing it so yeh ….

SM – What is your riding style?

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64 Bars’ Ollie Thompson

 We caught up with Ollie Thompson to have a quick chat about his new 64 Bar Clothing  edit.

SM – Hey Ollie. New edit looking pretty sick. How did you get into scootering?

OT – Ahh cheers man, well it started when I got a scooter for Christmas almost 2 years ago. I used to just hop off curbs with my local friends, then I saw videos of people like Perry, Terry etc

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An interview with Danny Roberts

Scoot-Mag’s next interview needed to be with someone who ruled the street. It had to be Danny Roberts!

SM – So Danny, how did it all begin for you?

DR – Basically it began with a normal day at the local, got out the skates and was rolling around. Then some kid who we had never seen before turned up on some ghetto quickstep scooter with one grip and was just lurking around. I took of the skates, wacked on my trainers and asked for a go. The kid was cool and within a few attempts of trying tailwhips I finally rolled away from a spread-eagle whip and I was so stoked! This then lead to my interests of riding, and I was immediately on Youtube searching up scooter edits trying to get a real insight as to what can be done on scooters. With the help of Coedie Donovan – Punk Scooters edit and Matt Mckeen’s – Dream Team Supreme vid. Finally Googled scooters and bought my first JD Bug (Anodized Black)  from Skatehut in November 09. And it all started their pretty much.

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An interview with Ryan McNamara

Next up in the hot seat is Ryan MacNamara.

SM – Yoo Ryann! hows everything going in your scooting world?

RM – Pretty good to be honest, been planning on going to the razor tour stops and seeing as I have hardly been to any of the big skate parks in the UK, I can’t wait.

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An interview with Graham Kimbell

Here at Scoot-Mag we wanted find out a little more about some of the biggest names on the UK scooter scene. So where better to start than with Madd Gear UK’s Graham Kimbell.

SM – So Graham, first of all how did it all begin for you ?

GK – A loooooong time ago scooters became a huge craze where I lived. My other brothers and their friends all bought them and so did I, but because I was so much younger than the rest I didn’t quit before the scene really took off.

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