Pro Freestyle 2016 RESULTS

After a rain disturbed, but still banger first comp in Heerlen-Limburg, Pro-Freestyle is back with it's main event in The Hague in the Netherlands. With a massively increased number of sports and riders. This will be the premiere Action Sports competition in the Netherlands this year, and you can expect fireworks in the scooter comp with a stacked riders list. 


1st: Bart Oskroba

2nd: Nathan Churchill (Overall winner across both events)

3rd: Luke Churchill

Best Trick: Jamie Hull - Double flip double whip


With the contest being streamed live, you can tune in here at to catch up with all the action on Sunday.

Invited Riders:

Daan Melis
Collin Eerhart
Max Snijders
Jamie Hull
Luke Churchill
Nathan Churchill
Bart Oskroba
Enzo Commeau
Jeroen Leenhouts
Leroy van Ijperen
Alexis Letellier
Jean Yves Randriambelson
Didinne Terchagues
Boris Germain
Charles Padel
Malte Blum
Pol Roman