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ISA World Championships 2017

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Imagin Extreme Barcelona - Parc Del Forum, Barcelona, Spain - 17-18th June 2017

For the 3rd time, we return to arguably the biggest platform we have in action sports, the enormous Extreme Barcelona Festival, on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Thousands of fans will pour through the gates over the weekend, and we fully expect the ISA finals to pull in the biggest crowd of the weekend even against big names from Skateboarding and BMX. You can be part of that electric crowd, by booking your tickets at the Extreme Barcelona website.


So how does it work? The 15 qualified riders from each of the regions will join 5 wildcards made up of the reigning champ and riders from the home country, and unrepresented regions. This gives us a field of 50 riders for the weekend.


Day 1 will see riders compete for a finals spot. All 50 riders will compete, and the top 10 will progress to the final. Day 2 will see those 10 riders fight it out for the win in front of a crowd of thousands at the event and live online.

The winner of the finals will be crowned the ISA World Champion for 2017.


So there we go. The 2017 ISA season has arrived. Who will win the World title? Will we see just the 3rd different champ, or will a new face reign? Can Australia finally snatch a win (we're looking at you Ben Thomas!). 


Stay tuned to Scoot-Mag.com and our social media for all the news and results throughout the season, and be sure to tag us with #scootmag on any posts from your trips to the comps!


We are hyped, and hope you are too. Be sure to check out last year's edit below, and see you in Barcelona!