Jon deVrind - Peace East

Jon deVrind is the man that just keeps on giving.
I'm pretty sure this is the 3rd video Jon has put out this year and its only February yet still there is more of that silky smooth killer tech riding style for him to show us. a full 5 minute street video part from Jon deVrind is like a  dream come true, its something I have been waiting to happen for a long time and it did not disappoint. There is a reason Jon is one of the most loved people in the sport, why don't you see for yourselves.

Rayan Jimenez - 2016

I got to be honest here, I had never heard of this rider before this video. But I'm glad I know who he is now!
Micro's Rayan Jimenez's new video is filled with gnarly gaps, killer fakie tricks and some outrageous vert riding. We are now huge fan's of this guy and I can't recommend this video enough

C253 Session - Goumaz & Petermann

I've had to pause a play this video so many time just to digest some of the tricks I just saw.
Michael Goumaz & Steve Petermann team up to film this C253 session video showing off the new range from District. Steve throws down some naughty manual combos while Goumaz is lacing some absurd lines! This as got be truly hyped to get out and have session.

Jake Taylor - Deck Promo

Jake Taylor just dropped havoc on the scooter scene with this new deck promo
Ghheeessseeee how fast do you to be throwing the scooter around? Ankle of steel for sure, it makes mine hurt just watching! It's so good to see Jake bringing out killer footage once again after not seeing much from him for a while, lets hope there is more to come!

Are You Madd Enough Vol.4

The 4th instalment of the 'Are You Madd Enough' series here this time looking back at what the Madd Gear guys got up to in 2015.
It's safe to say this is my favourite one yet with both the riding a production behind the video really stepping up a notch! you seriously need to check this one out for sure, what was your favourite clip? 

Roomet Säälik - Start of 2016

My god! Roomet is an animal!
Roomet once again films a full Web Edit worthy video in just one session. Some of the best ever scooter riding I've ever seen comes from this guy and this video falls right into that category. Roomet is quite literally a machine, this is 100% must watch video and when you've watched it once you're most likely going to want to watch it again and again

AO - Pier 15

AO throwing down some fire in this short session video at Pier 15 skatepark.

With riders like Brad Ackerman, Pol Roman and a whole bunch of AO riders behind the lens for this video you know its going to be killer. Sweet vibes, hectic lines and endless enjoyment for everyone watching! 

The Tri Force

These dudes have fun on their scooters. Plain and simple. Three super cool shredders, getting out there and tearing up some parks, keepin it awesome and throwing in a Zelda reference for good measure. Oh, and the banger is freakin rediculous...

Issac Miller

I can't believe what i just witnessed!! Issac miller is savage!
No words, I actually have no words for this. 3 minutes of Issac Miller doing what Issac Miller does. Killer vibes, some of the best riding I think I've ever seen and well, I'm just going to have to watch this about 20+ times!

Michael Goumaz 2015

Goumaz coming in hot with this release showing what he got up to in 2015.
Even through an ankle surgery, Michael is still on fire and delivering prime scooter shredage. We have been hug fans of the guy for years, and could be more stoked to see him droping hectic video parts again! 

Sky High - Reece Doezema

22 minutes of raw talent. Reece Doezema you are something else. Firstly; how is it even possible to film 22 minutes of footage for a video part!? Secondly; how can it all be so good!?
We've been talking about this in the office, some saying it could be the best scooter video ever made. But we wil let you decide. It's a lengthy watch but worth every single second. Reece Doezema we salute you!

Ethan Kirk - Wintertage

Say hello to your favourite new park rider. This kid is legit. Style is just oozing from this dude, and he makes a couple of small parks in Canada, in the winter, look like the more fun than a Cali summer. 

Seriously gnarly, seriously stylish, seriously fun. We can see this guy on our cover some day...

Brandon James - SD Mobbin

Stick Brandon in front of a lens and take him around San Diego and you have struck gold
Its been so long since I've seen a video part from Brandon, this was everything I needed and more. That iconic style with SD's spots is the perfect recipe for an incredible video.

Juzzy Carter - California

Juzzy Carter has just dropped one of my favourite videos of all time.
I am genuinly speechless right now, Juzzy has just ruptured my brain. I knew Juzzy was out filming in Cali but he has truly taken his riding to a new level while out there. Every single clip is absolutely ridiculous  from heel-backboards down a huge rail, to some of the most messed up fakie nose manual stuff that will make you question reality! This is a must watch, it will change your life!

Jay Matthews - Thistle Scooters

Sacrifice rider Jay Mathews is the latest person to join the Thistle Scooters line up.
Jay is one of the most underrated technical riders in the UK and if you don't know who he is then you're going to now. Fast paced killer footage is what is in-store for this video and we loved it!

Tom Holt - Just Ramps

Anything that comes out from Tom Holt we love, I Haven't been seeing much from him latest so was super stoked to see this video pop up on my feed! Anything this guy touched is always worth a watch!

JonMarco Gaydos - California Love

What are they putting in this kids cereal? I need some of that right now.
JonMarco is easily one of the most talented young riders in the world and without a doubt is going to force to be reckoned with in the years to come. Fully enjoyed this release form Jon Marco during his time in California, If you don't know who list rider is well you do now!

District - So-Cal Sessions

Those District tour vibes are ever so sweet!
California is the place to be, well at least when these guys are in town anyway. So-Cal session is gone right up there to one of the best tour videos around. The whole District USA squad puts in the work to stomp some killer footage for this and the end result is almost 8 minutes of just pure enjoyment. Grab your popcorn and get comfortable, you are in for a treat!

Relax - J-Lo

70 second of J-lo is just want I needed really to set me up for a little session this afternoon. Relax are always killing it and supplying us with some prime street content. Though my relax crew craving might be gone now I'm definitely going to need more soon! 

Tristan Anderman - From Boot to Scoot

It's always nice to see people back riding after injury. Stoked to see the injury hasn't stopped Grit rider Tristan Anderson from killing it in short 80 second release.
Looking forward to seeing more come from Tristan in the up and coming months.

Edy Fluckiger - Micro Edit 2015

Well, my jaw is in a serious amount of pain after witnessing this!
I have always been a huge fan of Edy's riding so I was super excited to see this video drop! What I love so much about Edy's video is that is the perfect mix of top notch transition riding the just alternates with the hectic rail and technical stuff that goes down. Edy mixes both styles of riding so well but I was not ready for how good this video was. Sit back and enjoy this one, take it all in cause every clip is just unreal!

Clayton Lindley - Grit Scooters

Oh hell yeah!
Clayton has done it again! Turned my brain into mush by dropping this short video welcoming him to Grit Scooters
The 2015 web edit just feels like a distant memory now as in just 75 seconds Clayton seems to one-up some of the biggest tricks in that video. I am seriously struggling for words here, Clayton Lindley you absolute machine! 

Max Peters | AOSV4 Promo

I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever and it did not disappoint!
Seeing footage from Max is always a treat and the AOSv4 promo was killer! The deck might be the same oil slick colour way but Max's riding had evolved greatly over the past few years making his technical riding on par with the usually transition stuff that we see. Really looking forward to see more footage from Max, lets hope it's soon!

Charlie Horne - It's Just The Beginning

Blazer Pro's Charlie Horne has got enough bangers to get us pumped this week!
This guy has got an extensive bag of tricks with each one getting progressively better and better. Charlie is definitely a rider to look out for in 2016, with this level of talent I can see him killing it this year for sure!

Lewis Williams - Signature Scooter Promo

Lewis Lewis Lewis how are you so damn good?
Our boy Lewis Williams gives us a rundown of his signature product from Crisp Scooters as well as showing us what kind of silliness he got up to while in Australia!
There is not a single person that doesn't watch Lewis in complete awh of what this guy is capable on scooter. He is one of the most loved riders in the world and deserves every bit of it!

Dylan Ryan - Friendly

Australia's own Dylan Ryan going in for Friendly. Some real variety in this video, really didn't expect to see some of these tricks thrown down at spots like those but Dylan strings them all together to give you 3 minutes of entertainment.

Cameron Burns - Thistle Scooters

Super stoked to see this video drop form our good friend Cam Burns!
Cam has been absolutely killing the game up in Scotland for years and recent took it up a notch opening up his own shop. Thistle is going to do huge things to help grow the ever growing Scottish scene. We are fully backing Thistle and Cam, so you are up north and what to see what good you know where to go! Just don't forget to pick up the latest issue of the Mag and some merch while you're there!

Jon deVrind - HOODWORD

I swear it was like less that a week ago since Jon dropped his last video. How does a human pump out this much footage!
Ok Jon, I need to know what kind of cheat codes your running cause this is becoming a joke. Robot? Wizard? I feel the mystery of what Jon Devrind is should be up for debate because I'm just lost at this point. I simply can't handle the level of riding Jon displays in every single video. I suppose we will see another in a week? I hope so anyway

The ISA World Championship 2016

It is here! The 5th instalment of the ISA Championship calendar has arrived, and we now know we will be headed back to Spain to crown our World Champ. Hit the jump to find out where we will be going in the 2016 season...

KOVU Presents - Benny Gaylard

It's not often ill post about a raw footage video but this is something else.
All it takes is one street and Benny has got a 2 minute video bound to make your jaw drop. Kovu once again supplying us with the goods, I had never heard of Benny before his and now all I want to see is his next video part.

Jon deVrind - Dumpster Diving

Has Jon ever filmed a bad clip in his life? I'm seriously starting to think that's its impossible!
Apparently 2 years of footage was just taking up space so they decided to put it together. Thank you to whoever decide to do just that cause this video is incredible. How is Jon still finding new lines to do, I had thought he had done literally everything by nope here he is yet again dropping jaws with line after line which is too technical for the human mind to process

Charlotte Worthington - MFX Splat

Madd gear are loving their funky paint designs lately. We are also enjoying them and love this video of Charlotte Worthington showcasing the Limited Edition Splat colour!
We are totally digging the production behind this, its feels like more of a short film than a scooter video. not to mention its always rad to see footage coming form Charlotte 

Charles Padel - AOSV4 Promo

Blood, sweat and hammers are the ingredients that produce this outrageous AOSv4 promo video form Charles Padel.
I turn into an excited 12 year old boy every time i see Charles' name on a video. I press play hoping for some of the finest scooter riding and that's exactly what I get every single time. Another solid promo for Blunts new AOSv4 range and with plenty more to come!

Brendon Smith - Web Edit 2016

Well this has left me literally speechless after watching this, in fact what even did I just watch!
There has been whispers in the wind that Brendon would be dropping a new web edit soon but I don't think anyone expected it to be this hectic! Almost 8 minutes of pure scooter riding no b-roll clips just mind blowing tricks one after another after another. At points I had to rewind and watch in slow motion, Brendon has truly taken the sport to a new heights as he has done time and time again. If you don't watch this video this there is something seriously wrong with you

Hunter Bechtle - Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos could not sum up this video any better!
Hunter Bechtle kicks off the new year by dropping this absolute gem! I was getting some serious video game feels watching this, not just from the music but everything Hunter does to so damn good and just looks far to calm to be real life! This is a real bar setter for the street riders of 2016 and i would not want to follow this! Hunter Bechtle you animal!

Justin Phillips - Welcome to AO

The wizard from New Jersey just dropped his new video part welcoming him to AO scooters
Justin Phillips has been one of my favourite riders for a while now, watching him take his outrageous tech and original style to the street will never get boring! Can't wait to see Justin on trips with he rest of the AO guys to get some collaborative videos!

Clayton Lindley - 2015 Web Edit

Clayton has been filming and hyping up this video constantly all year. The question is did it live up to the hype? Your god damn right it did!
I have to be honest i did not expect this video to be this good. I was retrieving my jaw from the ground constantly while watching banger after banger get laced down by Clayton. It's original, It's enjoyable, it's just incredible and you have to watch it! The last trick might just be my favourite trick of all time you know.

Elliott Arnold - Gnartage

I was starting to get withdrawals from not seeing an Elliott Arnold video for so long but he has just dropped this Gnartage which was well worth the wait.
Each time Elliott gets behind the lens the bar is raised and no one stacks as much footage as this guy. This is a must watch to anyone what wants to see street riding at it's absolute finest.

Richard Zelinka - Welcome to District

I've been waiting for this video to drop ever since Richard announced the he was now riding for District and it did not disappoint.

Richard is the perfect all round rider with some killer technical ability that just swiftly transitions into some on the most outrageous park footy this year! Zelinka is one of the best riders in the world and you need to make watching this video the top of your priorities list.

Jack Dauth - Lifeboat Scooters

Well OK then, Jack Dauth truly stepping up the game for Lifeboat.
From the first clip I knew I was going to love this but Jack just kept surprising me more and more with each clip. I don't think I've ever seen some of the tricks in here, all in which Jack delivered with such ease its silly. If Jack Dauth isn't on your favourite riders list i can guarantee he will be now after watching this!

Jack McCann - QLD

Sweet vibes and yet another killer video from Jack McCan as he drops what we are going to consider and early Christmas present.
Jack is actually too good and once again shows that when he is put in front of a lens nothing but incredible things occur. I genuinely feel like a 12 year kid every time I see a Jack McCan video drop and believe me it lives up to the hype.

Nathan Churchill - Welcome To Lucky

Nathan Churchill ends his 2015 year by being picked up by Lucky Scooters!
This guy was rolling around without a hook up for far too long, super stoke to see him finally picked up after he has had quite an incredible year. Top 20 at worlds so many killer videos throughout the year and a lot more Nathan has had one heck of a 2015. hopefully 2016 is going to be even better for him as he is full of talent and style to make his riding career a crazily successfully one.

Grit Academy 2015 - Adrenaline Alley

The 6th and final stop of this years Grit Academy took place last weekend at Europe's largest indoor park Adrenaline Alley.

What a way to end this years series in true Christmas fashion. So much talent has been picked up over the years including World Champion through this series, 2015 has been an awesome years and some really incredible riders have surfaced. Can't wait for the 2016 season!

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Jon Reyes - AOSv4 Deck Promo

Jon, Elmo, Mickey Mouse and Spiderman all join forces to film the Promo video for Jon AOSv4 signature deck.
This has got to be one of the most fun videos to date! Filmed I'm central NYC Jon takes to the street to show of his new deck to the public and even let them have a go. They must have had a great time filming this and we had equally as good of a time watching it seriously one of my favourite videos this year.

Owen Carter - Apex Pro

Owen Carter from Sydney Australia finally makes the leap from the Apex Flow to Pro team after an incredible year.
After a lengthy into we finally get to see the monster come out of his box and ride. I always loved watching Owens videos everything he does is so clean and so perfect. His feet will start and land in the same position every single time, its almost robotic. Its a well deserved step us to the pro team for this guy, he is definitely on my list to watch out of riders to watch out for in 2016#

Raymond Warner - AOSv4 Deck Promo

With a new signature range out, this means promo videos are going to follow! First up is the iconic Raymond Warner.

Gheesseee! Ray is not scared to fully extend those tricks. The extension he gets on tricks are one of the many reason why Ray is one of the most loved riders in the world. Always hyped to see new things coming from Raymond and couldn't be more stoked to see him rolling around of his new Signature AOSv4.

The AOSv4 is here!

Blunt and Envy have been teasing us for months over the new AOSv4 signature decks, but they have finaly arrived and they look amazing!
Each deck comes with a ton of new design features that distance and improve it from the AOSv3 range. Signature decks are coming from some huge names in the scene, each throwing a piece of themselves onto the deck with the graphic, colour-way and size. Luckily each rider have dropped a small video running you through everything on their AOSv4 signature deck!

Jamie Hull - 2015

Jamie Hull has been on fire all year consistently progressing and upping his game. Last week Jamie dropped his end of 2015 video and it is not something you want to skip.
Watching Jamie ride always makes it so easy to forget how young he actually is! Like who else is doing Double flip combos on the regs? No one thats your answer. Jamie is forever evolving as a rider push his own boundaries and also the boundaries of what is even possible on a scooter with ever clip and video he brings out. Have fun collecting your jaw off the floor when watching this one!

Kai Saunders

Kai Saunders just delivered us 3 minutes of straight fire! 
All the way from down under in Sydney Australia and ripping it for Phoenix Scooters Kai is one of the most talented young riders in the scene today with killer style and trick to back it up! Seriously this kid has so much control over his scooter is scary making some of the naughtiest lines and clips to piece this bad boy together. Keen to see what next for Kai as it seems he really never stops progressing and filming.

Chandler Dunn - Next Chapter

What a slam. The opening clip of this one is brutal. It put Chandler out for months, and has obviously had a big effect on the US rider. After resting up, Chandler is back and better than ever. The dude can rip, and loves a big gap, usually with a trick you don't see others doing. Sweet filming, editing and seeing him get back on his feet on camera make this a top drawer edit. Check it...

Williams X Upchurch - Flowing Cheeky

Ryan's spent quite a bit of time here in the UK around Scootfest. During that time he linked up with our boy Lewis Williams for a few weeks to film and produce Flowing Cheeky.
From filthy bowl lines, huge box hits and some of the most absurdly peg technicality I've ever seen are the ingredients behind this outrageous video. Both guys just throw it all out there and not a second goes by without something ridiculous and enjoyable happening on screen. Another 100% must watch, this could even be in contention for best video of the year!

VEX in Oregon

Matt Mckeen and Issac Miller get gnarly in Portland Oregon in this video part for VEX
This is absolute savage! It feels like this place was built for Issac and Matt to shred. From the loose transition footy to the outright street insanity everything these guys ride, if you put it in front of a lens it turns into gold!

Tyler Bradley - Phoenix

The man on the cover of issue 23 Mr Tyler Bradley had just dropped his new video part for phoenix pro scooters and its ridiculous
Tylers rail game is just too much! It seems no mater the shape or size Tyler has got a banger to throw down on it. Kink rails? No problem. Front 5050s? No freaking problem! This is easily one of the beast videos out this yeah like what did I even just watch!

Corey Vs Capron - SMX

Whilst we are still on the fence about refering to the sport as SMX, we are definitely not on the fence about seeing more videos of these 2. Corey and Capron Funk are two outrageous shredders and two awesome dudes. Their stunts are next level, and they are super fun to watch even when they are just hanging around ripping on each other. Be sure to hit follow on their new account for their new apparel range!

Ben Thomas - Sig Parts

Ben Thomas is a true riders rider. We've never met a shredder who isn't blown away by his combos, and he is known as one of the nicest dudes in the industry. We are stoked to see Grit hooking him up with some new signature parts. The decks and bars both look properly sick - the black to chrome fade on the deck is just fiiilthy! In the vid below, he shows off the new bits, and then drops some hammers to prove it's up to his standards - noice...

Coastin' East - Upchruch X Devrind X Bechtle

These guys just turned a simple get a few clips session into on of the most hectic and technical videos of the year.
 When Ryan Upchurch, Jon Devrind, and Hunter Bechtle get together we listen! All three guys throw down in Delaware and stack some killer footy. These guys have so much control on their scooters it truly is mesmerizing to watch how easy they make this stuff look! A 100% must watch for sure

Blazer Go On Signing Spree

Bristol based brand Blazer have a stacked team. The boy's who showed us round Blazer's hometown in Issue 23 have been with them a minute, but whilst the core is strong, there's always space for some new blood. Three new names have recently signed, winging in from across Europe to start shredding those sick PK 515 & ST 540 decks....

Luke Churchill - Welcome to MGP

Now this is so good to see! Madd Gear have just picked up one of the most talented riders the UK has to offer in the form of Luke Churchill.
For those who have never seen Luke ride before then I would prepare to get your brain ruptured with rail ride Fronties confusing briflip combos and a heck load more. Stoked to see Luke doing so well and I can't wait to see what is next

Danny Roberts - FLEX

We are not really sure how this one slipped through our radar but somehow it did!
I was almost getting withdrawal symptoms from not seeing anything from Danny for a while, so naturally I was way too hyped seeing this pop up on my feed. D-rob throws down some killer lines all delivered with mad vibes making him easily one of the best people to watch ride a scooter.

Didine Terchague - Blunt

HO. LEY. MOLEY. This kid is off the chain! We have seen scraps coming out from Didine throughout the year, and he took best trick at the Paris Jam in May, so we knew he was good, but nothing could have prepared us for this fire! Tech doesnt even start to explain this one. The craziest moves on the craziest spots - stuff that no-one else would see being done - Didine has it. 

Justin Carter - Queensland

Juzzy has been stepping his rail game up quite a bit in the past few months make that swift change into on of the best street riders around. During a trip to Queensland for the Brisbane street jam Juzzy stacked some killer footage. All that crazy talent and style that Juzzy has always had transitions perfectly into the streets and makes for one killer video

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Antti Karppinen - 2015

Gaht Damn this dude can 50-50! If you are after your daily dose of creativity, you are in the right place. Finnish rider Antti has taken his countymen's history of crazy style and run with it, creating one of the most entertaining edits of the year. I mean, we guarantee you will be shouting WTF at the screen at least a few times in this video. It is straight up nuts, and we freaking love it. And think about this, you currently don't know what a leg over lipslide is right now, but will do in about 4 minutes time...

Funk Brothers in Australia

Not to long ago the Funk Brother duo took the 1st and 2nd spot and this year Scooter Hut Pro Series in Australia. As was winning comps racking up the cash both Capron and Corey teamed up with Russo to stack some footage and film this video documenting their trip!
These two guys are so much fun to watch, you can tell they just love and enjoy every second riding scooters and pushing the sport to new levels! Grab your popcorn and a pillow for your jaw cause this is incredible!

Matt Wiles - Old Chap

Gotta say it's great to be putting a new Matt Wiles video up on the site. We have championed this dude since the early days, and it's great to still see him ripping it up. Some sunny BCN clips, and some from his more usual surroundings of MK - It's only a minute, but it's the goods...

Hunter Bechtle - H.B. Phone Home

How could we have forgotten how stupidly gnarly this dude is! New Jersey has a habit of churning out baddasses, probably due to the fact it is like the real life Sopranos out there*, and Hunter is top badass of the scooter scene out there. The first drop is just rediculously stupid, and it just gets better. 3 minutes of a dude just putting it all on the line. Straight up.

James Power - Crisp

We have been giving James Power a lot of love lately, sharing his killer Insta clips on Facebook and dropping a dope interview in the latest issue of the mag. Well it is my pleasure to say James just dropped a full video produced by Liam Eyles and if you don't love his riding now I can guarantee after watching this you will!

It's is so refreshing to see riders pushing boundaries, finding new creative tricks and inventive lines every time they ride. James does exactly that and more! This guy is easily one of the most passionate people around that's why we have supported him ever since he came under our radar. I couldn't be more stoked to see James with a solid team doing what he loves, you fully deserve it man!

Jack Dauth

I was once told 'Just wait for Jack's video part to come out man, it will blow your mind' Well, they were very much correct about that!
Jack has grown into one of the best street riders in the world. This kids is just oozing talent from every angle producing some hectic lines all delivered with that killer Dauth steeze. If you have never watched Jack ride before then you may want to prepare for this one.

Terry Price - How To Footjam

Now this is a real how to! 12 minutes of detail from a man who really knows what he is talking about. Few in the game are better at footjams and their combos than Terry Price, so if you are looking to learn them, you've come to the right place. With a recent burst of releases, Terry's channel is now cranking out quality videos on the regs, so we can't wait for more instructional vids from the OG shredder...

Brandon James - Still Mobbin

Brandon. What can we say? Still at the bleeding edge of the game. Still doing his own thing. Still mobbin. This kid from the UK has carved out his very own path, and manages to blend that signature style with the forefront of progression each and every time he drops a video. Classic Brandon, or all new Brandon? Pretty sure then are one and the same. Killin it as always...

Roomet Säälik - Estonian Sessions

Ermmmm what? Roomet Säälik just dropped an little sessions video that has left me speechless!
What most rider would consider bangers or web edit content Roomet will throw into a fast passed short and hella sweet sessions video! I'm starting to think Roomet doesn't have an of switch and it's only going to get better from here for the Estonian. I am super excited to see his next video/ project! 

Brad Ackermann - Corby Cruising

Whenever Brad Ackerman drops a new video I consider it an early Christmas present!
Seriously this guy is one of the most naturally gifted riders I have ever seen and it is such a shame that he doesn't put out a lot a footage. That being said Brad had a little session at Corby and decided to film this so sit back and enjoy just a tiny fraction of how incredible this guy is on a scooter! 

Harry Main Vs Dakota Schuetz

Harry is collaborating with scooter riders once again and this time it's none other than the icon himself and multiple World Champion Dakota Schuetz.
Harry has stated in another video that he is on a mission to unite all actions sports, to make it so there is no saltiness in the air between Scooters and Bmx. Finally haha! It’s great to see such a big personality do this, not only for our sport but hopefully all actions sports.
Dakota follows up from Tanner in the last video but this time Harry just walks round building 3 in Corby in more of a Call The Shots type deal with KOTA. As Kota is pretty much a robot he lands everything first or second try and it’s hilarious to see Harry's reactions as the tricks just escalate. So much so that I would recommend turning down your volume for the last few clips!

Proto Intermission - Gerardo Gonzales

Another Proto Intermission part has graced our screens, this time from Gerardo Gonzales!
After Gernardo dropped his Fun N Easy part, Proto knew they needed this guy in their ranks! At just 15 years old, Gerardo is looking so strong already, keeping up with the older guys and some absurdly gnarly rails. He fits right into the Proto line up and I can't wait to see what comes out from this guy!

Lewis Crampton - Origins

This hit me right in the feels man.
Lewis Crampton is one of the most iconic figures in the sport, and pretty much they nicest and most passionate out there. Everyone know's how huge Lewis is in the scene now, but not many know the long road that got him there. This might be a lengthy 12 minute video, but never have my eyes been so fixed on a video. Lewis sits down and explains his story from start to finish, as well as showing us footage from his entire career.
Most people are going to be surprised with the story they are about to hear, but it is packed with nostalgia and emotion. Lewis Crampton we salute you!

Regan Thompson - MULADHARA

This has got to be one of my favorite video parts this year! Regan sending rad vibes, setting us up perfectly for some of the most creative street riding I've seen for a while. I was seriously rather speechless over this one, those FS 180 inside 5050 things have left me stunned. 
This is 100% must watch, like right now. Stop reading, just watch!

Jon deVrind - Needs A Haircut

Well if his hair has anything to do with what how he rides a scooter then nah keep growing it!

Jon Dev is back with some fresh silliness to add to his everygrowing collection of outrageous content!

Issue 23 Available Now

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Tilt 2 - Jordan Jasa B Sides

HOW ARE THESE B-SLIDES. My god Tilt 2 is going to be outstanding!
Jordan Jasa I am in love with your riding, you just can't beat that frontside style, i'm going to have to sit and re-watch this video a few times i think
Don't forget exclusive Tilt 2 content including interviews, photos and much more is coming in issue 23!

Justin Phillips - For Myself

Justin Has always been one of my favorite riders for years. I remember the first time i watched him ride, all i was thinking was 'this guy is some kind of wizard' How the hell does he get away with these tricks! J-Philly will make a 10+ stair stair rail look like your basic skate park flat bar with combos that my brain can't even process. This video is incredible.

Bendub Livin

Bend, Oregon has turned out some world class riders. For a small city to create the level of riding talent it has is quite remarkable. Learn all about it from the most well known figures - Jake Clark and Matt Edleston - in this mini documentary.

We are stoked to see some different content coming out. The documentary style is great, as is the filming and editing. Get watchin.

Bist Deppat

There's a fella out in Austria who really knows how to make a full length. His name is Max Kernmayer. Thankfully, he is surrounded by a group of guys who are always really stoked to film full lengths. If you have never watched Vienna Calling, make sure you take some time out to check one of the most important riding video to come out of the German speaking world. Then grab a beer and watch this new 25 minute offering. It's dope...

Chilli in NL

Chilli are making waves right now. Putting together events, dropping new product and absolutely stacking a team. New to the squad is an true heavyweight in the form of Ryan Macnamara, and they recently flew him out to Rotterdam for a huge ride day and comp...

Blunt - Scandinavian Tour

10 full minutes of Padel, Perroni and Presenti? Oh yeah I can't wait to watch this one either!
Chopping wood and riding scooters is on the agenda for the Blunts guys as they take a tour through Scandinavia. Johnathon Perroni fits in perfectly with the Charles Flavcio duo we are so used to seeing and admiring. These three together is like a well oiled machine just really to throw down and pump out endless amounts of killer footage. This is 10 minutes of which no a single second is without enjoyment, Blunt have really just found the perfect formula to create perfect videos.

Madd Gear Flat Scoot 2 - The Final

We have been loving this years Flat Scoot Battle and have been rocking back and fourth on your chairs for weeks waiting for the final to come around! Well its here and it may surprise you.
The champ Tommy Christiana is looking for his second win while his team mate Hayden Tansley is looking to take him down! Now obviously I can't give to much away as i want to guys to watch and enjoy it as much as much as we did. What i will say is this is an incredible end to a really amazing series, never have a seen so many people go that crazy over a game of rock paper scissors and it gets more hectic from there! 
Who will take the crown?

Ethic DTC - Colombia

Its been a while since we have seen an Ethic trip video but I can tell you now, it was worth the wait!
Storming through the streets on Colombia the Ethic guys take in all the culture and throw down at the spots. Ethic always knock it out of the park when it comes to trip videos. Not only with the level of riding content but the production behind the video and the way everything just feels so cultural and like its just a group of great friends traveling the world together and enjoying riding those scooters. But that is exactly what is for them and I could be more stoked and equally as jealous of that! This video is one of our favorite this yeah and I highly suggest you get to checking it out!

Kota Kamps In The UK

BOOM. The main man Dakota Schuetz is bringing his world tour of training camps to the UK, and his favourite park! Want to improve your skills with the multiple World Champion in the place he calls the "Best training facility in the World"? Well you can this half term, at Adrenaline Alley in Corby...

Tyler Bonner - Home Town Killing

When T-Bone drops an new video we all stop and watch!
'Home Town Killing' is the perfect way to sum up this video. T-bone is one of the most enjoyable people to watch ride out there, the way he attacks bowl lines is so elegant and I don't use that word when referring to scooter riding a lot! The way Tyler takes the level of tricks he does and links the all together in such a perfect and flowy line every time is why he sit up there as of our favorite riders in the world right now. Also how could we forget Bonner has been killing the Street game in the recent years, there is truly no end to what this guy can do!

Phoenix Pro Scooters - Carson Miller

Phoenix has picked up some new fresh talent in the form of Carson Miller!
From the first clip i was hooked on this guys riding. Carson rips at both transition and technical aspects of riding, hitting some sweet air tricks one clip then throwing some hammer rail clips the next! We are now huge fans or Carson and I bet after watching this you will be to!

Jake Clark - 2015

Years ago Jake Clark would bring out videos that would make everyone jaw hit the floor with tricks that literally had never been seen before. Fast forward to 2015 where the standard of riding is so damn high you can silly count on Jake to step in to drop a video that will still make those jaws ache. Jake is always find new tricks to do and just build on to creating some of the most stupid combos I've ever seen!

Jake Clark is still sitting at the stop of his game and show no signs of slowing down just yet, I'm not sure how he can go up from here but I'm almost certain he will find a way!

The 2015 San Diego Street Jam

Right, thats it, I'm booking my flights to San Diego for next year! Scooter Farm smashed it in organizing this jam and it looked hectic!
Well over 150 riders gathered form around the World to ride at the best spots in sunny San Diego. These guys put everything on the line for that prize money, throwing down some of the gnarliest tricks I have ever seen. That last rails spot was massive and to watch these guys treat it like a standard handrail was madness. I seriously can't get over what I witnessed in the video! A 100% must watch!

Christian Upton - Young Ripper

The level of the younger riders today is just outrageous! like seriously at 13 years old Christian is one if the gnarliest and steeziest riders i've seen!
Recently picked up by Kovu crew Christian has been continuously upping his game and stacking some killer footage! I am super excited for this guys future in the sport!

Flavio Pesenti - Blunt Reaper V2 Promo 2015

Ahh that lovely sweet smell of new Flavio Pesenti footage!
What a great way to start the week as Flavio brings us his promo for the new Blunt/ Envy Reaper bars. Blunt are stepping their game up once again with the new AOSv4's round the corner and also these new taller Reaper bars. There is no one better to showcase these bars that Flavio himself, thought we don't see much footage from him recently you can always expect that when it comes its is ridiculous!

Tilt - Rusted Never Busted

Tilt have seriously been treating us to some prime videos this week! I guess they just could resist releasing just one more, well i'm glad i did cause this is ridiculous!
The entire Tilt team take to road and travel to Detroit, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio to bring us this well filmed produced masterpiece of scooter video! I've already re-watched this a good 4-5 times, every rider throws down and not  single clip goes by with out you sitting there getting super hyped on the outrageous footage you are witnessing. End result that incredible feeling of just wanting to grab you set up go out and film. when a video makes you do that you know its good! Get inspired sit back and enjoy folks!

Terry Price - Double Flair Crash

With Double flairs becoming like a normal thing Terry thought he would have a crack at it, wheeeyyy see what we did there?
Long story short it want the best of attempts. Terry hit his head and cracked his helmet! This just firmly solidifies how important the use of a helmet is, can you event imagine how bad this would have been if he wasn't wearing one?
So Terry when are we going see you stick this? I know you got it in you and i'm eager to see it!

Issac Miller - Tilt 2 B Sides

Ok I need to get my hands on Tilt 2 ASAP after watching this, if these are B-slide then I don't think i'm ready to witness the full video!
First Tilt is up there with our favorites so we beyond hyped to see this dropping, been huge fans of everything Tilt have been doing and of course Issac Millers killer riding. Lucky for us and now you we are soon going to dropping some excluding content in the next issues of the mag. Interviews, Behind the scenes the full works all coming in Issue 23!

Terry Price - Return Of The Purquoise

Now scooter checks ain't usually our jam, but this is a whole different thing entirely. This is everyone's favourite OG Terry Price ressurecting one of the most Iconic scooters in recent memory - His badass Purple and Turquoise custom beast. Last seen gracing our pages back in 2012, Terry has put together a new custom painted whip that just looks like it should be mounted on a wall. Luckily though, Terry had no inclination to do that, and has immediately put it to work shredding this mini park with some of the biggest wallrides we have seen in a while, making this one probably the best scooter check since Lewis Crampton bought us the "Cheque". Now were just waiting on Terry bringing back the blue and black starred flowmaster from the Dogg forum days...

Tom Holt - 2015

Tom Holt's 2015 offering was filmed in just 5 hours apparently. Now we won't waste time debating whether this should be called "2015" or "The 6th of September", mainly 'caus Tom is really freaking good. Always mixing the crazy tech into serious bangers, he has got the minerals to be a serious force over the coming yearm and we wonder what he could do if he stacked some clips without allowinging them to leak out over insta and in day edits. Oh, and maybe dont go full gangster on the song choice next time, #justsayin...

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