Terry Price Lets You Call The Shots

The pioneer on this sport dropped a cheeky call the shots video last night and it is everything you can expect form Mr Terry Price! 

Dub flips, silly ice combo and some rather tasty bails! It's safe to say Terry has still got it!

Lewis Williams - 2014 Scraps

God damn it Lewis you've done it again.
There is no doubt that Lewis Williams is one of the most stylish and best riders in the world. With his new range of signature products now in stores you could say he is in a pretty good place ride now.
Lewis calls these scraps.. When really it is a video that perfectly showcases why he is where he is today and we bloody love it!

Connor Nimmo - New Year Welcoming

Connor Nimmo can quite literally ride anything.
From flying high doing the biggest park tricks you've seen to lacing down some killer tech and street lines all delivered with such an effortless style. Connor is one of the best all round riders in the UK for sure!

Jared Jacobs - Leftovers

Excuse me did you say leftovers? Nahhhh

Jared must know like some secret to filming sick footy cause every single clip is just on point.

He never steps a foot out of place with his silky smooth style and endless bag of tricks. I could watch him ride day in and day out!

Koke X Herncjar - Throne Scooters

I have a real love for doubles video's and this one is up there with my all time favourites! 
The vibes, the riding and the music were all just perfect! Both Andy and Ian absolutely kill it.
I was short but sweet and i can't get enough! Really hyped to get out and ride now!

Jamie Hull - Park Life 3

Jamie Hull is already one of the worlds leading riders at only 12 years old. 
I swear nothing phases this guy, he does trick most of us would dream to do! Give Jamie a trick and there is no doubt he will get it!
Who else do you see doing Double Flip No-Handers to wood on a daily basis? 

Upchurch & Devrind - Crispy Knits

These two never stop producing the goods!
Jon Devrind and Ryan Upchurch get together once again, this time to showcase some fresh clothing from Grit and Crisp.
We all know the drill by now, if these guys release anything new its a must watch. Both riders have a crazy amount of style and a untouchable tech game. Whatever these two are doing I'm always 100% onboard

Matt McKeen - River Wheel Co

When Mr McKeen drops a new video it's 100% compulsory to watch.
River Wheel Co welcomes Matt McKeen with a new release showcasing everything we love from one of the most influential street riders in the game. 
Full throttle action from Matt as he destroys every spot making it all look far to easy. I think I will go watch this one another 5 times.

Nickehfilms - Action Sports Showreel

This might not necessarily be a scooter video but we must share it for a number of reasons!
As I'm sure you are all aware Nick started out filming scooter videos and even rode himself. I remember when 'The Weekend Chronicles' first came out, that video was like my favourite for years!

Jake Sorensen - Hella Classic

There has been a lot of hype surrounding this video the past few days. With good reason to, Jake absolutely slays it here.
Infamous style with and outrageous bag of tricks is all that can be said for this. The perfect video to get you psyched for the New Year.

Jake Clark - Welcome to Grit Scooters

Well I didn't see that one coming!
Jake Clark has jumped ship after years with Envy scooter to take new a direction with Grit!
No denying that Jake has one of the nicest park styles in the game, Also got some of the most outrageous tricks in the game. Every time Jake bring out a new video we are all left speechless, this is no exception, The guy is a wizard!

Hunter Bechtle - Elyts Footwear

Hunter is an animal!
Undoubtedly one of if not the best rail game in the world. Mix that in with Rudy behind the lens and we have one heck of a video.
Hunter always surprises me when he bring out new footage but this was just far beyond what we have seen from him before. Gnarliest video this year!


Relax crew are feeling festive and dropped their Christmas video.
These guys are always pumping our the freshest footy the quite simply can never get boring!
Merry Christmas All!

The Real Joe Armstrong

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending a few days with Joe while he was out in the UK on tour. He's uch a kind and humble guy that just loves to ride and have a good time. I was beyond stoked when he took a deserved 3rd place at this years World Championships!

Ryan Gould - River Wheel Co

Ryan Is one of cleanest and most stylish riders around, so it's no surprise that he was picked up by River Wheels a while back.
It's always a treat seeing footage from Ryan. He's consistently killing it with the fast and steezy lines.

Jon DeVrind - Signature Deck Promo

We are not ashamed to say that Jon DeVrind is one of our favourite people in the scene. He is a lovely guy and an incredible rider.
This is why no one deserves signature parts more  the Jon and I am so pleased its happening. 
Now let's talk about this video, wow. I didn't think it was possible but Jon has stepped it up. The ledge and rail combos can't be touched, Jon just straight up kills it.

Директива (Directive) Н-15.6

Grinding cars, riding logs and cruising the streets in the summer of Siberia.
There is a story behind this video and its all really captivating and interesting seeing what the scene and culture is like in other parts of the world
The whole video was shot really well and the riding was sick aswell. I would love to see more videos from rider in countries we don't usually see often

Jack Colston - Bar Promo

My god this was so freaking rad!
Jack Colston Is one gnarly bugger, every single clips was just so damn good and it just kept getting better. What kind of nutcase even looks at that last trick and thinks it's a good idea!

Vincent Kudrna - It's What I Do

We all know who Vincent Kudrna is. Rides for Fasen, Bring out videos that actually makes you question what is possible? Yeah that's him. 
This time round we not only get to see Vincent blow our mind with a banger or 10 but also give us an in-site into his whole scooter career.

Elliot Arnold - Sig Pro Deck

We are no strangers to Elliot bringing out crazy amounts of killer footy. But after not seeing some new stuff for a while he drops this. 
Elliot is always hitting the gnarliest rails effortlessly and in this he takes it to a new level. 
It's great to see Elliot get a Signature deck, he deserves it. What's next? I'm excited to find out

Oskar Hansen - 2014

Super quick and hella dank lines come in from Osker.
Not to mention the stuff that was going on when this guy came to a ledge! What the?
I couldn't even keep up with what was going on, all I know is that I liked it!

Lambert Judith - 2014

Lambert has yet again released a video which consistently bends out minds.
Judith has got a Killer ledge and rail game that he makes looks so slick with his ace style. 
Lines after lines, hammer after hammer. This is one to watch!

Anton Abramson

I have never heard of this rider before but my god I am happy I know who he is now!
This video had the vibes, the style and some of the sickest lines I have seen for a long time! With every clips this just gets better and better. You wont even believe the last clip, I don't think Anton did ether.

Jack Cleary - Elite

This did everything right. Short, sweet and simple.
This video was just oozing with great vibes, topped of some great camera work and steezey as hell riding form Jack as he is welcomed onto Elite Scooters.
Looks like the Scottish talent is starting to get around!

Coedie Donvovan - Rider Tag

Coedie Donovan is one of that all time legends. He has kept us waiting a long time for this but he finally did his rider tag!
It's Coedie you know that this is going to be something special, Just wait for the last trick...

Le Baron - Fork Promo

Maxime has just dropped his new fork promo for Urban art as is full of the endless inventive bag of tricks we can expect from Le Baron.
Always been a fan of Maxime's riding, he always manages to spice up tricks and lines making every clip feels fresh and new.

The Scootfest Tour

Scootfest this year was incredible, the top riders in the world all in one place having a rad time. What is there not to love?
This year was particularly tasty as between the North and South Scootfest's the guys from Void, Crisp, Lucky, Grit and Phoenix all toured round the UK hitting up the biggest parks and doing their thing!

Dylan Morrison - Listen For Yourself

When I found out that Dylan and Nickeh were working together on something I got excited! Lets face it, we all knew this was going to be insane!
Nick once again knocks it out of park on production with every shot flowing with the track and the rider.
Now we are so stranger to what Dylan Is capable off but my god this guys just doesn't stop! This guy does the biggest tricks higher than anyone in the world right now.

Dan Barrett - 2014

Like a freaking boss. Dan Barrett drops his full 2014 video and it is nothing short of mindblowing!
Dan puts together some of the sickest lines I have ever seen. With his outrageous tech game he links together tricks like to tomorrow!
I have well and truly abused the reply button, one of my favourite videos this year for sure!

Logan Crawford - Fun N Eazy

The first of the Fun N Eazy full length sections have been released and it is perfect way to start!
Logan goes in! Such a rad style backed up with some seriously dank footage! Roll on the next part!

Don't Hand Over Too Soon - Benjamin Friant

Benjamin Friant is one of the most iconic and influential riders of this sport. With 10 years of riding under his belt, the 24 year old Swiss knows everything there is to know about this industry and the people who make it.
Benj Took to his Facebook yesterday to address something he and a lot of other riders notice and fell passionate about. I personally agree with absolutely every single word Benj says right here and feel like this has to be seen by everyone involved in this scene. These are his words.

"Message to everyone in the scooter scene... Feel free to share it. People need to understand.
I think it's time for me to post my thoughts on facebook because I think people (riders and brands) need to realize this. It has been a huge problem for our sport these last few years and it's not going to get any better. Everyone knows our sport is a young sport (I'm more talking about the age of the riders) and there's nothing bad about it. But thing is, there's not enough "old" (around 20-25) riders. Usually the riders stop riding at the age of 16-18. There are 2 obvious reasons to this. 1st : they are done with school and need to find a proper job to earn a living and 2nd (the one I see more often these days) they loose their motivation. And this happens more and more and ealier also. If you look into skateboarding, BMX, or any other sport. Most of the people are over 25-30. They have influence in their sport and a lot of experience to help and keep their sport growing in a professional way. Which is not the case in our sport. Many of my friends stopped riding because they were told that scootering is not cool. But who are they to tell you that ? You need to remember what made you start riding in the first place. Why you used to love it. The amazing feeling of riding with your friends and landing new tricks. I have been riding alone for the past 3 years. And it becomes really heavy on me but I keep riding because I love it. Even if you don't have a lot of time, if you really want something, you'll manage to find a moment to do it. Our sport will never grow up as long as the riders (amators and pros) will quit riding. The brands have a lot of responsibilites in this. I know it is hard for the brands to pay the riders. But unfortunately, it is the only way to keep the riders pushing their limits and to keep them motivated. They don't need of fortune, but just enough to pay a rent and food would already be an amazing start. I encourage all the brands that can afford paying riders to do it.
We need all of you guys in a few years. Stick to your piece of metal for a few more decades. There's no age to quit riding"

Benjamin Friant - Black Ice Promo

The wait is over! The Black Ice snow scooter is here!
Benj always knocks it out of the park with these snow scoot videos and they just get better and better every single year!
This is a must watch for everyone as I guarantee its like nothing you have ever seen before!

Dan Barrett - Raw Throwaway 2014

Dan Barrett is cleaning out the trash ready to drop his big 2014 video.
How Dan classes this throwaway is beyond me, every clip and every line is just so damn good! I still to this day would say that Mr Barrett puts together the best and most inventive lines in the game, he's always got something new to show!
I can't wait for the full video!

Blazer In London

Wow! It's easy to assume a brand like Blazer have a strong team, but then this video comes along and just pushes home that point! This video is just absolutely rammed with raddness, from Rico's crazy scooter fakies, Joe and Deano on the lip or ledge, to Alex with his rediculous stunts to fakie. But not for the first time, Luke Painter steals the show. His bowl line of method, stale and whip front scoot to fakie could well take my award for line of the year. This ones a killer, watch it and watch it again...

Ben Thomas - Local Chills

Damnnnn from the second i say that first clip, I new this was going to be hectic!
Ben never stops making my jaw drop with endless original tricks and some plain silly cross-foot landings!
I cant wait to see Ben get to work on a new big web video, that will be next level!

Phoenix - Woodward West

Klaar, Barrett and Acena putting in some work at Woodward West this month during the summer camp.
This may be short but damn it enjoyable! I admire these guys for always producing interesting and new stuff that you don't always see!

Issac Miller - Welcome To VEX

The next person to joining the VEX ensemble is none other than the US Tilt ripper Issac Miller
Issac has already dropped an outrageous video in the past week and this just add to that! Here is more Footage of him tearing up spot after spot in a pure gnarfest!

Boris Germain - The Awakening

After a year of riding for Flavor, the animal that is Boris Germain finally releases some new footage.

Everything Boris brings out is Jaw dropping and after a year without anything he comes back with one of the best and gnarliest videos of this year!

I seriously can't get enough of this, Boris always pulls the best lines and hits the biggest rails and gaps!

Ethic DTC - China

OH MY DAYS! There is a good chance that the three best scooter videos ever made were made by Ethic and Salim Salik. These dudes put together THE best tours, and film them in the most incredible way. Every other trick in this video was a jaw dropper, and the final few bangers - a blooming masterclass. Watch it now, then watch it again, and then waych it again...

Issac Miller - Tilt B-Slides

10 minutes of raw Issac Miller footage is the best early Christmas present anyone could ask for.
Pretty much every clip that Issac has ever filmed for the Tilt video had just been thrown into this and it is incredible.
This guy is no doubt on of the best riders in the world at what he does, this video is visual proof of that.

Slick's Street Session 2014

Two weekends ago hundreds of scooter dooders descended on London in search of shred. With a couple of grands worth of stuff ready to go out to the gnarlist stunts, a rabid bunch of spectators cheering on, and possibly the last dry day of autumn to destroy London's classic street spots, it was always gonna be killer at the inaugural Slick Willies Street Session.

Joey Aria - The Paradigm

Techno beats, cats with classes and Joey Aria. Hell yeah this was dank!
Filled with the sickest lines and some wild creative combos. Joey puts in some great work to make this video such a joy to watch!
Sit back and get really for a very enjoyable 6 minutes which just leaves you saying 'Whhhaatttttt?

Clayton Lindley - 5star Full Part

Clayton Lindley's Full Part is here and it did not disappoint.
We met Clayton when we was in the UK and loved to watch him ride. When he told us about this we just couldn't wait! This guy just throws  some gnarley stuff down some hefty drops!
Surely his wrist have just completely deteriorated after some of those drops.

Addict OG Deck Promo


Addict are back in business and coming in hot with a new deck release!

The guys over at Addict have been a bit quiet but the bang! They hit you with this. not only a look into the production but some rad footage from the team aswell!

Did Mckeen really just wall ride up a set? 

Blunt X Fason - UK Tour 2014

Blunt and Fasen crossover tour? Don't mind if I do!

These guys got busy when over here in the UK. Touring the country followed by World Championships. Destroying everything and snything they rode. 

Ryan Mac - Uniun Sessions

Ryan has gotta be one of the most consistently incredible riders in the UK, if not the world. After such a long span of killing it, and spreading his riding into new areas of raddness, it is no suprise that his mates over at Uniun Apparel have added him to the crew. This one is pure McNamara FIRE. The craziest spin combos you have ever seen mixed in with some ridiculousness on the lip, DO NOT MISS IT...

Ryan Kingsley - 5Star Scooters

This just escalated with every single clip and by the end I was retrieving my jaw from the ground!
Ryan goes in. straight from the first clip there is just consistent steezy bangers leaving you mind blown!

Upchurch X Klaar - The Vault

Seeing these two names in one video got me so excited. Rightly so, these guys go in!

Cooper's and Ryan's lines in this video are unlike any other. Mixing all aspects of riding together to cook up on of the most technically difficult video I've seen for a while.

Now if you don't mind me, if of to watch this video over and over again.

Arnaud Marchenoir - 2014

The creative and technical wizard is back and has just dropped 2014 release!

I could sit and watch Arnaud do his thing all day long. Nothing is ever the same with this guy and its unlike anything you have ever seen it before!

Grab your popcorn sitback and enjoy one of the most fun and creative videos this year! Oh yeah and prepare to be mind blown

Edy Fluckiger - Game On 2014

The Swiss all rounder is back, he has finally dropped his 2014 video for Micro called 'Game on'
I remember the last video I saw from this guy. My jaw hit the ground so hard from the insanity I just watched! This was no different.
Edy is the perfect all round rider. From throwing all the big box and air tricks to some dank ledge and rail game. not to mention he mixes up both styles of riding together making this whole video just mind blowing.
I need to meet this guy and ask for his cheat codes.

Jake B-Smith - Dogg Scooters 2014

Jake B-smith just dropped his 2014 web edit for Dogg Scooters and it is on a new level!
Jake is one of the more underrated ride in UK, this guy throws down bangers all day everyday. Its almost like he pauses mid air to do all these tricks then just comes back to land whenever he feels like it.

Jared Adelson - Web Edit 3

I have never witness someone get more stoked at the self for pulling a trick!
This video is a just a big ball of fun. Seeing Jared just get over the mood everytime he pulled something just made me smile and enjoy the whole thing!
Not to mention he doing some of the biggest gaps and drops I have every seen! What a nutcase!

Porcial Profile 2014 - Ethic DTC

The man himself Alexis "Porcial" Letellier just dropped all this hella dope footage from the past year!
This guy will take any transition, rail or ledge and just destroy it! Alexis has such a unique and goes so big in everything!
I haven't waited a while to see a full section from this guy and now i get my wish and it did not disappoint!

Jake Clark - New & Old

Jake has been in hibernation for too long! Finally he is back and he get to see what he has been upto in this recent footage!
it still amazing me what this guy can do, he literally has no limits that scoot always find its back to his feet and it is just a joy to watch!


This video left me speechless.
On one hand I want to say this is just plain stupid and unnecessary but then I would be telling a lie!
This is one of the most Gnarly sections to come out in scooter history. I could not give enough praise to Reece for this!
Even he was riding with shoes this would have still been an outrageous video with some hella dank riding. But he does everything bare foot and that just blows my mind.
Next Level.

Tommy Christiana - District Pro

Tommy has had quite the year! Hes released some hella dank videos, wont he MGP flat scoot battle and to top it all of he has now been stuck on the Dirstict Pro Team! Well deserved.

Everyone has been wanting this to happen for a long time. damn right too Tommy kill its and this video shows that. 

This guy lands everything stupidly clean and has a crazy amount of pop. that Whip Fron Scoot to Fingerwhip over the bank hip just defeated gravity. 

Jack McCann - Sacrifice Scooters

Take one steezy Aus street rider, chuck in some sweet angles and editing to follow throw over a banging synth track and you have got one heck of a video!
Sacrifice welcomes their new addition Jack McCann. Jack literately make this whole section look effortless, didn't put a single foot out of place! 
I am craving more footage from this guy!

Mini - Fasen

It's been well known for a while, but we all know that no team move is complete without the obligatory "Welcome to" video. Mini has moved from Blunt to their sister team of Fasen to join Tommy Dang, Vince Kudrna and the company Don Brendon Smith, and he seems like the perfect pick for one of the craziest park based teams under the sun. The small in stature, big in bangers Czech always throws down, and this edit is no different. Peep it people...

Desert Run Tour

This video gave me chills.
Everything you could possibly want in a video has just been displayed in a 13 minute masterpiece. 
The production from Eric was just spot on. It really felts just like a bunch of friends out on tour having the time of their life. And that is exactly what it was apart from these guys throw down on any obstacle they touch. 
I can't stress enough how good this video is. Grab the popcorn, sit back and get ready to watch the best video of the year!

Chicago Street Jam 2014 - Tilt & Skyhigh

Well I bet they regret parking their car there!
Chicago Street Jam is in its 4th year and there is only one word to describe it! Gnarly.
This looked like one heck of a jam, everyone was going in hard. So many people throwing down bangers left and right. I just want to know what Issac ate for breakfast that morning? I going to need some of whatever it is!

Ryan Gould - Fork Promo

We met Ryan while he was over here in the UK for the World Championships and absolutely fell in love with his riding.
From the first clip right through to the last this video is stacked with some bangers!
Ryan is one of the cleanest riders in the game and he makes every trick look so damn good, like just check out his flairs, incredible. Those last few clips made my jaw slam to the ground! I bow down to this guy, cant wait to see whats next!

Brandon James - Deck Promo

Brandon's back. The District killa from right here in the UK has had his long awaited sig deck in the works for what seems like an age. But with it out in the US and just round the corner her in Europe, he has dropped this dope edit to herald its arrival. A bit of borrowed footy from the London Sessions in here, but plenty of new stuff and certainly all killer no filler. Hit that button...

Crispy Grits Two

Jon Devrind and Ryan Upchurch are back with more gritty crispy awesomeness. That beautiful look of these Lavish vids is there, as are the redonkulous styles of Dev and Up. You know you need to watch it fellas...

District London Sessions v2

The District guys stacked a monstrous amount of footage while out here in the UK. This is the sequel to one of the best videos of last year 'London Sessions'
This is just vibes galore! its crazy how much these guys can kill it it just a couple of sessions around London.
Watching this just once is classed as illegal so just sit back and enjoy this masterpiece of a video!

Nick Darger - Phase 2

Nick has been killing it on the dirt scoot since it first landed. Now with the official hookup from Phase Two, we get to see some of the gnarliest pneumatic tyred riding ever pulled. With some shredding on those killer trails that Nick and John Radtke put up as well as some incredibly unexpected park stunts (tooth grind to whip anyone!?) this is seriously worth a watch...

Danny Roberts - VEX

The boy D-Rob's got dat shoe hookup. VEX are packing serious heat when it comes to the team, boasting street rippers in their homeland as well as Tobias Mayer and the Don himself Matt McKeen, and now they add arguably Britains finest street boss to their line-up. The edit is of course amazing, featuring Dannys cleaner than clean style taking on some of the wierdest obstacles in the sickest way imaginable, including a bloomin ping pong table! This one's a must see people, so hit play right now...

Elyts - TheEuroCronicles

After blasting all over Europe earlier in the UK, those doods from Elyts had some left over footy. It's that kind of stuff that makes you wonder how good the A footy is if this is throwy!? Well we all know how sick these guys are, and theres some sweet stuff from the British fellas too so watch away...

Blunt - Russia X Finland

Oh My WORD! Blunt are just crushing it right now. Adding a tonne of rediculous talent to their team, and then taking them and their OG counterparts away on the sickest trips the sport has ever seen. After the incredible Euro tour with Phoenix, they embarked upon this trip across Russia and into Finland, destroying every ledge, handrail and quarterpipe they came across.

Lucky - NorCal

James Gee, Evan Yamada, Jared Jacobs and Blake Bailor all shredding some of that rad 'crete up in the North of California. What the hell is there to not like! Jared's uprail and euro-gap game is crazy strong, and Blake's ender with the gaps in the rail is pretty freakin monstrous...

Rontage 2

Big Ron is a true riders rider. A lifer for Razor, and commited to wrecking those rails, his Ultra Pro and if needs be - himself. It's always amazing to see his passion for shredding the way he want's too, and awesome to see his crew there with the same stoke whilst Ron rips up the Hollywood 12. Keep it up Ron...

District In Helsinki

I'm a sucker for the FinScooter channel. I'm pretty much guaranteed to hype off every single release of theirs, but when you add in a bit of Brandon James and Lewis Crampton into the mix, i pretty much defy anyone to NOT hype off it! Crazy shreddage and good times from the FinScooter, Rebel, District and Eagle crews...

Madd Gear - Summer Maddness

OH MY WORD! This could be one of the most outrageous team edits we have ever seen, everything is either the nuttiest banger you have ever seen, or the most stylish and clicked monster that anyone has ever pulled. Well we may be going overboard a little, but gaht daaammmn this is a bloomin fine edit. Watch it, then watch it again… 

Elliott Arnold - Elyts Troops

Elyts have just dropped there new shoe line and there is no better guy to showcase them than Elliott Arnold.
These guys seriously impress me with the amount of footage they can bring out! and it never drops in quality, these videos are always just a good as the last and maybe ever better.
This is everything you can expect from a Helliot Gnarnold video. The sickest lines and drops topped of with some of the best rail game around!

VEX & Unfair Tour

The guys over at VEX brand & Unfair scooter came together for one hella gnarly trip across Australia from Brisbane to Sydney.

This looked liked one hell of a trip, a bunch of rad guys hitting the streets of West Coast Aus!

Sit back watch and take in the vibes!

District & Eagle - Adrenaline Alley

This is just one of those videos where you can sit back and just enjoy. then at the end just say, well that was a bloody good video.

The District and Eagle guys hit up a whole load of places in the UK and this was just one!

Perfect vibes and some killer riding made this one of the best scooter videos made at Corby for sure! I cant wait for more!

SHFxCHZ - Steel City

British full lengths are go! Tonnes of awesome Yorkshire spots, tonnes of old school choons, tonnes of joggers, tonnes of steeze from the familiar faces of the Sheffield and Chesterfield locals. Tune in, sit back, and enjoy the hard work and fun these dudes have put into these 23 minutes of rad.

Scootfest Catch-up

So we have been absolutely awful at updating the website recently, and as media partners of Scootfest, we have done a rubbish job. But we were there working hard on the actual events, so don't blame us too much! Now we are officially back! And here is a wrap-up of the goings on during the biggest scooter events of the year...

The Tilt Video - Monkey

AHHHHHHHH! Monkey is not human.

The Tilt video parts are coming in thick and fast. Now its Ralph 'Monkey' Mcmoran's turn.

Any footage from this guy is always a treat but never a chore. Monkey goes faster than anyone out there and does the gnarliest stuff.

That last clip, unbelievable!

King Of Germany 2014

The Coburg contest has been leading the way in German competition now for 3 years. Still attracting huge names, the 2014 event promised to be bigger and better, and it certainly delivered.

Spain Maddness 2014

Now that's what I call a tour video!
The Madd Gear guys recently spent some time in Spain for the European Championships as well as a little tour after wards! This two part tour video showcases what they got up to!
I loved these videos, the Madd guys never disappoint! The production and riding on this video is just ace! This lot are just living the dream and loving every single second!

I want more tours, so I can see more videos like these!

Ryan Williams We Want Web Edit 3

If someone told me that this video was nearly 3 years old, I would tell them to stop being and idiot and shut up. It feels like yesterday when this video dropped and jaws were hitting the floor world wide!
Ryan is arguably the biggest name in the sport, this video right proves why. Before all his Nitro Circus success there was this video. Some of the biggest tricks all the sound of ACDC's Back in Black!
I think I speak on behalf of everyone when i say, where is Web Edit 3?

Ben J - Full Part 2014

Ben is truly one of the greatest names in our sport. Not just an incredible rider. But a great role model, a perfect proponent of the sport, and one of the nicest and funniest guys you will ever get to meet. Without a decent sized edit for a while now, we are more than stoked to see him coming out with this incredible part, that has buckets of quality and quantity, as Mr Friant proves he's certainly still got it...

NSA Scooter Jam 14 - The Edit

I (Todd) was super stoked to be hired for my first Trans-Atlantic MC gig earlier this month, and even more stoked that it was for the newly formed National Scooter Assosiation - A group set up with just 2 goals, to run great contests for riders, and to raise as much money for in-need skateparks across the US as possible...

Danny Rambert - Dirtage

Well how did we miss this!? Pure dirt radness from the OG Danny Rambert. It's been a long time since we saw any really decent dirt footage from anyone, but this totally makes up for it, as Danny just goes ham through the trails, the streets and the parks. Is anyone out there up with Danny on their dirt game?

Scootfest BOTW Is Back

The yearly countdown to the best of the event returns! For 2014 we are actually picking up where we left off last year, with 2013 best tricker and world champ runner up - Mr Dylan Morrisson...

Blast From The Not So Past!

We are throwing it back! Not that far though. This video is now a year old and its still makes my jaw drop and make me cry with laughter.
Last year Lewis Crampton, Graham Kimbell and Lewis Williams released this video. I would say this is the funniest Calling The Shots video ever

Arnaud Marchenoir - Spring 2014

YYYYYEEEESSSSSSS! The French tech king is back with all his footage from Spring 2014!
Arnaud always brings something new, inventive and creative to the table, it just never gets boring to watch. Some of the tricks shown you make most likely never seen before.
Not to mention how he manages to link all the stuff together is just silly!

Ben Thomas - Grit Scooters

Since Ben's recent decision to move from Sacrifice to Grit we all be watching and waiting for Ben to check out some new footage!
This video contains some prime Ben Thomas action. Ben does some of the most technical tricks around and we could never get bored of watching.
The last trick in this video has got to go up there with some of the best tricks done this year!

Joe Grunwald - Kind Of Alive

Johan Grunwald is some kind of badman. Sinking beers and shredding his scooter is his M.O. Here he is rocking Copenhagen with his Hootigh homies, and there ain't many dudes who can pull off a street buttercup, but Joe can...

Joe Martin - Update

Brizzle crew bossin it! Absolutely loving this edit from west country killer Joe Martin. Gnarly street lines, fun in the skatepark and some mindblowing lip tricks. And how often do you see a can-toboggan as sick as that?

ISA Season Hots Up As Scootfest Approaches

It's getting to that time of year people! We now know the vast majority of the qualifiers for this year's ISA finals at Scootfest, and the event itself is now just over 4 weeks away! By now you should have already head to www.scootfest.co to grab those tickets, if you haven't, what the hell are you waiting for!?

Hit the jump for a look at each of the continental finals and the qualifiers from each...

Iñigo Grasset - Eurocamp

Well. This could well be my new favourite video. Iñigo has so much flow it's just unreal, and he is doing stuff i have just never seen before, i mean, who the hell one handed manuals a wall ride!? If you are looking for tonnes of crazy combos, then you are in the wrong place. If you can appreciate incredible flow, perfect steeze and incredible cinematography (courtesy of our mate Pol Acena) then this could well be your new favourite video too. Thanks Iñigo and Pol for this awesome new vid...

Dylan Morrison - Quick Release

You maybe need a forklift to retrieve your jaw from the floor after watching this.
World number 2 Dylan Morrison supply's us with two and half minutes of insanity.
Banger after banger followed by another banger! Then just when you think its over, the last tricks happens.

Elliot Arnold - Stealth Deck

Elliot Arnold. What more can we say. This guy just cranks out the best footy, slays comps, and partys hard. Rockstar status is now complete as he thrashes the Cali streets to this savage punk tune with no freakin hair...

Alchemyst X Haske

This video has one of the sickest vibes i have seen in a long time. Beautifully shot, and with more heart than you see in 10 regular edits. I met the Alchemyst guys whilst out in Germany a couple of weeks ago, and they are a super rad bunch of dudes. Then the Haske crew out of Barca are well known for their ridiculously savage riding. It's a shame that the shop may be on it's way out, but i'm 100% sure it's not the last we will hear from the fellas behind it.

Hit the jump for an awesome bit of watchin...

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