Zinc Sports Midlands Tour

The guys over at Zinc have been constantly upping their game since lately.
Recently the team have been on the read and hitting up the Midlands.
All the riders killed it, all of them are very good park rider and can throw down some seriously good tricks.

Chris Hart - Old & New

Chris Hart gives all all the footage all the way from last year to now.
I love how Chris can go from some crazy ledge or rail tricks so some rad transition riding!
Those gap to FS broad were madness!

Bryan Hillman - Trendy HD

This has gotta be one of my favourite videos to come out of the Trendy Crew. Bryan is super clean and has a real tight style, add in some beautifully simple filming and editing and you have a great edit. Solid all the way through and making use of those killer SoCal spots, then finishing up with a couple of heavy bangers. Hit that button...

MGP UK - Sunny Sessions

Them multisporting MADDUKers are back and enjoying the springtime sunshine on their travels across the country. Enjoyable watching throughout, especially some impressive lines on a real nice handrail towards the end. Kinda wish someone got the focus right tho...

Elyts in El Paso Day 3

OOOSH! This is some heavy stuff! Elyts got together an insane crew for this trip, and "Banger Day" sees Boner, Mckeen, Ikedah, Short, Arnold and Vanlew all getting frankly rediculous. Jesse's tech combo on that curved ledge was a massive WTF moment and Zig tackles propably his gnarliest looking gap ever, this thing will make you feel ill! 

Seriously, hit play!

No Labels for Jon Dev

Crisp's Vee Dub lovin tech boss is back after a winter of battling snow with a fresh springtime edit. Jon is endlessly upping his tech game, and when you add in the big ballsy moves like he was pulling at last years street jams, we are super excited about what the mutton chopped dude can pull out this year...

Haske Street Jam 2014

Every year the worlds top street riders get together and throw down in the streets of Barcelona.

This year it was bigger and better. The level of riding jumped up to whole new level.

Everyone smashed it, so many crazy banger were being thrown down. I can't wait for next year!

Brandon James - BCN

UK steeze king Brandon James has been out in Barca to chill, film, ride and hit up this years street jam.
You can always count on Brandon to release sick footage with new and inventive tricks all delivered with his iconic style.
Looks like Brandon is currently running his signature parts that will be coming out later this year, they look pretty darn sweet!

Rhys Rogers - Web Edit

It is truly crazy how good some people are for their age.
Rhys Rogers is a 10 year old from Australia riding for Envy scooters. Not only is Rhys a total killer for his age but he is doing trick that most of the top professionals still are not pulling. 
The future is looking very bright this young rider.

Capron Funk - 2014 Web Edit


Capron took a nasty fall at the ISA qualifiers at Woodward. Gladly we can see say he all fine now and one the road to recovery and we expect to see him riding again soon.
Due to the fall Capron decided to release his Web Edit early. I can't help but wonder what else he had in store cause this was unreal. This edit shows trick that I didn't even know were possible, god knows how he thinks of them let alone pulls them off.
Everyone at Scootmag would like to wish Capron a speedy recovery.

Jake Clark - AOSv3 Sig Deck Promo

Another AOSv3 promo video has arrived and this is a big one. 
Jake is a machine so many crazy bangers in this video. What I like the most is that it's not just an extra whip or bar, Jake is really creative with his riding.

Crisp Scooters - Woodward Promo

Going to Woodward is any persons dream. Now that scooters have been added to the summer program, this dream become a reality. 

Here is a lenghty promo video from Crisp scooters showing what you could be getting up to this summer. Endless skateparks, plazas and an endless amount of other activitys to do. 

Brendon Smith - Day in the Life

Brendon has been rocking a bad ankle injury for a while, hes only just recovers and thought that we would film this little day in the life video.

Take a look into what Brendon gets up to from day to day. let's be honest who wouldn't love to be able to ride all day every day?

Max Peters - AOSv3 Sig Deck Promo

 Max Peters is the next person to release his AOSv3 signature deck promo. It has to be said when the pictures were released of this deck there was a unbelievable buzz around it and the new oil slick colour.

Max is still killing it as always, he seems to be able to throw his scoot around like its nothing landing everything so clean and steezy.

Tom Wear Northern Boy

This was perfect, Just what is needed. Tom Wear from the land up north coming in with this killer edit.
It's rare to see a video like this come from the UK and that's a real shame. Stuff like is is just so enjoyable to watch. Nothing fancy is needed its just riding and enjoying what you do.  Tom has a great style and totally kills it. I want to see more video like this from the UK for sure!

Scooter Hut in Canberra

You gotta love a team trip, and this one has me fantasizing about summer! OG dudes and groms unite to make this super fun team montage all shot in the Australian capital. And how sick does that plaza look!?

Tom Renk - Welcome To Madd

Madd Gear are stocking up that team on both sides of the pond. We saw American newcomer Nick Tedrick a couple of weeks back, now we have German combo Kid Tom Renk joining the ranks. We expect to see him on the contest circuit this summer...

Jeremy Suchet - Pub, Chill & Ride

Jeremy is a straight up killer, and with the "Brioche" videos has created some truly stunning edits. 

This one is super fun with some creative lines and some off the wall bangers, I'd definitely liken this dude to Luke Painter with all those crazy scooter flips, and coming from me, thats a huge compliment!

Hit it up...

Zinc Midlands Tour

Zinc Scooters are back on that touring game! Swinging by some of the sickest parks in the midlands (and over in East Anglia too) the dudes will be throwing down in some demos, and chucking out the freebies for all those coming down.

Charles Padel - AOSv3 Deck Promo

The new AOSv3 signature decks are now available all over the world and this is a deck promo I have been waiting for ever since they announced the new range.
There is not a person on this earth  who doesn't like Padel's riding, this guy is an animal. So much style its unreal, Charles always goes bigger and always looks for the next crazy thing to do.

Edy Flückiger - Micro 2014

Now and then we see a video from someone that we have never heard of before and the video blows our minds. This is one of those times.
This came out of no where. Edy destroys it in every single clip, there is some seriously jaw dropping riding going on some of which I didn't even know was possible.
Needless to say big things will be coming from this guy, I can't wait to see what next!

Green Lab Bowl Jam

It's taken the Trendkill dudes a long old time to get this edit out. But we will forgive them 'cos we are nice like that, and 'cos this video is super dope.

Top notch bowl shreddage from the TK fellas, all their Philly homies and the visiting Hootigh crew. More events like this would do us very nicely...

Dialed Comp Website Drops

We are super psyched about this updoming comp at Rampworx in Liverpool. It's run by the dudes who made "Laced" one of the biggest events in blading, and that comp is INTENSE! Also, Rampworx is up there with the raddest parks in the world, and we hear they have allready locked down some top international names.

We will be there, make sure you are too, get registered at www.dialedcomp.com and keep up to date on their Facebook

Lewis Williams - Chilly Chills

Lewis was busy at the start of the year touring round Europe with some other big UK riders and managed to film this in the process.
No music, no fancy editing work, just raw footage and pure Lewisness.

Ludo Pistat - Signature Deck Promo

With the new AOSv3 range right around the corner we have been expecting footage and deck promos from all the riders to be released.
Here is the first of the deck promos from Blunt rider Ludo Pistat. In this Ludo gives us a run down on his new polished AOSv3 Signature deck as well and some recent footage.
It has been a while since we last saw anything from Ludo, It's good to see he is still out there destroying everything he touches..

MGP UK - Winter Maddness

5 parks, 5 days and 6 riders. Everything was set for the MGP Winter Maddness tour.
Now we have all heard a 'Madd' pun or two but this one we can let slide. With the new Madd range coming out very shortly this was the perfect video to showcase what the products are made of. 
Everyone killed it in this, some of the clips were just unreal. I guess you could say, it was MADD.

Tyler & Cameron - The Vault Pro Scooters

Ok now this is some next level stuff. Tyler Bradley & Cameron Poe went out to Woodward to film this, welcome to The Vault Pro Scooters.
Watching this almost made my face melt, these guys have got some serious rail game. I think the best thing to do it sit back and enjoy.

Blazer Pro - Rush Skatepark

Blazer have been really stepping up their game, releasing a tone of new product and stacking some sick new riders.
Blazer team kill it at the new indoor Rush Skatepark. The scale of the skatepark is huge, that just makes what these guys are doing a little more gnarlier.
Looks like Blazer are going to be having a good year.

Cam Ward - Web Edit 2014

District rider and allround nice guy Cam Ward has just dropped his most recent 2014 Web Edit.

Cam makes every trick he does look so steezy and effortless, even with the difficulty being so high. That last trick was unreal.
Looks like there are some new parts coming from district soon judging by this video, perhaps some Cam Ward signature parts are in the works.

Void Euro Tour

Many of the UK's top riders headed out to ISPO this year. The guys from Void thought it would be wise not only to go to ISPO, but to hit some sweet parks on the way there and bank.

This is a great tour video, great work behind the camera as well as infront. Everyone kills it, this video was packed with style and dope riding.

Zinc at Rampworx

We have been impressed so far this year by Zinc's support for their riders and the sport as they up their involvement with the core rider. Their young but super-talented team recently headed up north for a tour, and hit up the world famous Rampworx.

With one of our favourite videographers in tow - Ryan Goold - they put together this sweet edit, with some absolutely nutbag bangers...

Elliott Arnold - Skullys

Elliott once again proves he is at the top of his game right now with this promo for the new 841 'Skullys' wheels.
When Elliott brings out a new video we can always expect it to be on another level. Elliot is killing the game at the moment, he continuously brings out more and more new killer footage. 
Look closely and you may be able to spot some new unreleased stuff from AO coming out soon.

Jan Laranjo - SK

Such unique and technical riding from the OG from Austria, Jan Laranjo.
Jan kills it, some of the tricks and lines are just stupidly difficult and he makes it all look easy.
Not only is this a sick video part put also get a 2 minute bonus bail section at the end which is a good laugh.

Lambert Judith - AO

More fresh footage from the AO guys hitting up the spots in Cali, this time from their French rider Lambert Judith.

This is a super chilled video. Lambert has such a nice style and he destroys the streets of Cali.

AO are always bringing out new footage from all of their riders, can't wait for the next one.

Tommy Dang - Fasen

Ever since Tommy's recent success at the ISA World Championships at Scootfest, we have all been waiting for him to pick up a sponsor.
Tommy is such a nice guy and totally kills it. I was so pleased that the news was finally here, Fasen has welcomed Tommy Dang to the team.
Tommy smashes it in this. I'm still in disbelief that he did not get a hook up for so long. Tommy is just getting better and better and I can't wait to see what things him and Fasen bring..
If you want any information on any upcoming ISA competitons head over to: www.isa-championships.com

Enzo Commeau - Elyts Ruckus

Holy hell Enzo smashes it, at 16 years old this guys is oozing with talent. 
Enzo got flown out to Cali at the start of the year to ride and film with the rest of the Elyts guys.
This footage shows that Enzo is not affraid to throw himself at anything, consistanly destroying the streets one spot at a time.

Kenny Griffin - Lucky Scooters 2014

Kenny goes in with this recent street edit for Lucky scooters.
Even though Kenny has been rocking a wrist injury he sill manages to throw down some rad street footage.
I love watching Kenny ride, such a nice clean style and he is not scared to throw himself and some monstrous hand rails.

Purple Eyes - Trailer 3

The highly anticipated Blunt/ Envy scooters DVD 'Purple Eyes' Is almost here.
Here is the latest trailer to what will be one of the best scooter DVD's ever made.
I seriously can not wait for this, some incredible riders from all backgrounds in one video. It's going to be insane.


Brandon and Ollie coming in again with some more fresh footage.

Everytime these guys get behind a camera they seem to come up with more and more silly and creative tricks.

These guys kill it in everything they bring out and this was no expection, looking forward to the next one.

Jeremy Malott - Welcome To MGP

As many have guessed Jeremy Malott, this years SD8 winner had joined Madd Gear.
This is an unusual welcome video, not something you would usually see. Jeremy used this to express his views on scooter riding and what his next moves are
Jeremy is a great rider and it will be interesting to see what happens next for him with his recent success at SD8 and with MGP.

The Don - Coedie Donovan

The title of this video says it all 'The Don'. Coedie has been around since day one, truly one the OG's and icons of the sport.
With 13-14 years of riding behind him Codies ability's are endless, killing it on literally everything.
I can never get bored of seeing Coedie ride and it's awesome to see him still bringing out some dope videos

Cameron Poe - Flavor

Warning, this video might make you drool.
Cameron Poe slays it with this dank video for Flavor scooters.
Such a silky smooth style from Cam. He always hits tricks at a high speed and maintains that speed in the lines aswell. 
This is such an enjoyable video, I could never get bored of watching this. Would love to see more stuff from Cameron in the future

FriendlyFlicks - 001

These are the kind of videos I could watch all day long.
Featuring big names like Royce King and Jake Turner, this video is the perfect example of just a group of friends who get together and love to ride.
Every person in this video totally killed it. Some dank lines and clips throughout and my god, did you see that pocket air?

Matty Ceravolo - Welcome to Envy

Since Matty's recent departure from MGP Australia most have been wondering where he would go next, or if he would even be riding professionally anymore.
As many guessed it was finally announced that Matty will now be representing Envy scooters.
Matty always brings out killer park footage, its almost scary to think what he is going to be capable of with an Envy set-up. 

Terry Price - MFX

It has been a very long time since we last saw some fresh footage from the UK OG Terry Price. After watching this I can happily say it was worth the wait

Zinc - Northern Tour 2014

The guys over a Zinc scooters will be touring around northern UK from the 16th-17th of February.

Get a chance to ride will all the Zinc riders as well as them handing out some sweet prizes and giveaways.

Urban Artt Welcomes Le Baron

Maxime Legrand AKA Le Baron is the latest edition to the Urban Artt team.

Maxime is one of the OG's of the sport, he has been shredding since day one. There is no denying that Maxime kills it everytime, hes got such a good technical game always linking all his tricks together to create an edit of bangers and thrills. Looking forward to what Urban Artt and Maxime come out with next.

ISPO 2014

ISPO went off this year! Hear is just a taster of what went down over the 4 days.

Loads of the worlds top scooter riders and the best brands came out to showcase our sport infront of the huge ISPO crowds.

Insane riding from all the riders, some serious bangers were being consistently thrown down! We can not wait to see what next year brings.

Skatesmas 2013

Throughout the Christmas period last year Skates.co.uk did a tour around sone of the parks in the UK, doing giveaways and holding jams. This is the video from those events.

I really enjoyed this video, its shot and edited very well. Great to see all styles of riding in one video, Not to mention all the riders kill it.

Liam Griffiths - Sublime

Drone Scooters rider and UK power house Liam Griffiths has just dropped this banger of an edit.

It great to see people spending time and working hard to get clips like these, it really pays off. This edit is filled with non stop bangers and tricks that will blow your mind.

Liam is really nice guy and has got such a nice style. Some of the best park based footage I have seen in a while!

Robbie Menzies - Scooter check

Robbie is back with another scooter check. This one features the new Apex deck coming out very soon.

We all love Robbie and are always stoked when we see any kind of footage from him. Robbie is usually known for going bigger than anyone else, but in this video we see him killing in on rails and ledges too. We all get a sweet look at his current set up.

Ben Jelinek - TSI 2014

TSI are coming in hot with some more fresh footage this time for their rider Ben Jelinek.

This video is insanity from start to finish, Ben worked hard for this one. Some killer footage delivered with such a nice style. Great vibes from this, that seems to be consistent with the videos TSI are putting out this year. Bring on the next one!

Jon Reyes - Flat Edit 4

The long Awaited and highly anticipated Flat Edit 4 by Jon Reyes is finally here.

Personally I think this is his best one yet. It seems Jon can pretty much link any trick together and even throw some on his own ones in there. Easily the king of flat land scooter riding and the king of balance, some of the tricks in this will make you question what is actually possible. 

My favorite thing about this particular video were the locations. Clearly a lot of thought when into these clips, that for me was a definite highlight of this video. Roll on Flat Edit 5.

Justin and Friends - Cali

ScooterZone had the intention to make a video featuring all of their east cost riders, sadly most of those riders are out due to injury. Justin Robertson and some of his friends have stepped in to deliver this sick video.

Some seriously talented riders in this, everyone absolutely kills it. Crazy footage with non stop hammers. Really liked the clips at that concrete DIY spot.

TSI - The Road To SD8

TSI are on the road and off to the SD8 competition. Here is a sweet release showing what they got up to on the way to SD8

I enjoyed this video so much, the riding the filming just everything gave out such good vibes. The footage of the 36 inch Threshold deck actually had me laughing, just was so amazing to see how much fun these guys have on a trip and riding scooters.

I could watch this all day and never get bored, I really want too see more videos like this for sure.

Fuller & Haynes - The Philly Files

The Philly Files was a full part video released at the start of the year. The video was described as 'An urban documentation of east cost riding and other shenanigans'

This is one of the many sections contained in The Philly Files. This section features Logan Fuller and Yara Haynes. These guys along with the rest of the Philly crew absolutely kill it at every spot they hit. Loved this section and I am looking forward to the rest of them being released. 

Bobby Pantano - Lucky Scooters

Lucky Scooters are always bringing out new footage from all their riders. This time we are getting a quick 2 and half minute video full of killer footage from their title team rider Bobby Pantano.

Kyle Cropper - Sunday Session

Kyle is one of our Scootmag riders, he kills it all year round and brings out sweet footage.

Lewis Roach got together with Kyle to restart his Youtube series 'Sunday Sessions'

Great filming and editing work on Lewis' behalf and as usuall super clean and styling riding from Kyle. Looking forward to next week.

GinogMedia Welcomes 2014

The first month of the New Year is almost over. Tones of videos welcoming 2014 are still being released. 

This video was shot and editing by Adam Watson from the UK. Personally I think Adam did a great job with this, loved the silky smooth filming and all the clips are linked together really well. Not to mention the insane tricks being thrown down by the top professionals in the UK Including: UK champion Archie Cole, Grit Pro Rider Ryan Macnamara and Louie Fulton from MX.

James Ruse - Flavor Awakening

Flavor have just given us this tasty Friday treat.

There is no need for multiple trick combos or endless bangers in this video. Just chilled out clean riding, some dope gaps and rad street footage. Those are what make video so enjoyable to watch.

Simplicity, an underrated concept. You will often find the simpler the better. Flavor stepped it up last year, I am looking forward to seeing what they do in 2014.

LewisRMedia - 2013 Favourite clips

Lewis Roach has just dropped this amazing video showcasing his favourite clips from last year.

Some of the top UK riders all in one video throwing down constant hammers? Yes please. This video features every sort of riding style, from buttercup bars to some dank rail footy. It has something for everyone.

Brad Ackerman absolutely destroys the opening section, this is followed by people such as Archie Cole and Reece Price throwing down throughout. 

Even though we are now two weeks into 2014, looking back into 2013 didn't seem too bad. 

J Philly - Quick Release

That's it, I'm convinced. Justin Phillips is a real wizard. 

Straight from his 2nd place at the Scootfest Street Sessions jam, Justin has been consistently delivering some incredible footage. 

The tricks this guy manages to link together are unimaginable. Technical riding just took a step up.

Lucky at Woodward

Lucky's park shredders headed down to Woodward West for the winter camp a while back, and have compiled themselves the necessary banger edit.

This one features riders from their lower teams, all the way up to their world number 1 Kota. The little dudes are keeping it real while Kota and the Funk brothers go HAM! I'm especially digging Capron's riding as he always attacks everything with tonnes of commitment and speed.

Then theres the big man himself, and we get an insight into what "The Machine" will be bringing to this summers contest with some nutty new tricks. I'm not even gonna start to imaging what that thing is that he pulls to resi, but i do know i am all about that legsweep to dono flip!

Lewis Crampton - Ghetto 2

Lewis has been a Scoot Mag homie since day one, and If we arent enjoying his never ending wit, then we are enjoying his absolutely insane riding!

Here he is gettin it done for Ghetto Park Grimsby. His nutty tech shines through with the ender and all the stuff to fakie being total mindblowers. His mate Harvey is pretty handy too.

Jack Colston - Source

This guy is the Dodge Charger of scooter riders. He blasts himself at every trick, I'm surprised that the filmier could catch up.

The video is so gnarly. The speed he hits these tricks at is monstrous, not to mention some of the rails and gaps are huge. I loved the blunt drop to board and the final two clips were unreal!

Everything Source is bringing out lately seem to be stepping up the bar, this was no exception. Looking forward to the next one!

Urban Artt in Shanghai

I saw the Urban Artt dude's where out in Shanghai a couple of months back, and ever since I've been waiting for this video to drop. For years we have seen the BMX and Skate scenes permeating new cultures and showing their sports to the world, and it's great that companies are starting to break out of the scooter homelands to shred new terrain and open new eyes.


The whole UA team absolutely rip in this, and its a joy to watch from a filming and editing view. So fire her up in HD and enjoy...

Source Scooters 2014

The guys over at Source Scooters are well on this new year thing. The rest of us will continue to write dates with the wrong year for at least another 3 weeks, but these dudes had a rad 2014 video out as auld langs syne was still being sung.


With a mix of old and young, unheard of and superstar riders, these guys have a dank team who all make you want to grab a scooter and go ride. Funtime summer vibes throughout, with a few jawdroppers, not least the fattest whip to nosemanny i have ever seen from Monky.

The New Year Boredom Buster


It's been a few days since Christmas, and the weather has been too crappy to get out and ride, so here's a punchbowl full of edits to see you through the new year and back to school/work...

Merry Chrimbo!

Well it's Christmas eve already, and we can't believe that 2013 is nearly over. Its been an incredible year for us and the sport, and we here at Scoot Mag just wanna say merry Christmas and happy holidays to all you dudes and dudettes out there! Whilst we are all in the spirit, check out D Rob, J Pog, L Will and crew all gettin rad to some chrimbo tunage!

Justin Phillips - Back in the game

What a shredder! I always knew Justin wasn't to be sniffed at, but after whitnessing his rail mastery at Scootfest back in the summer, he cemented his status as an all round killer! Almost every clip in this videa is an absolute WTF moment, but that triple chink tooth and the banger where particular standouts...

Envy at Woodward

DAAAAAAAMN! The Blunt/Envy boys are coming through and just getting us crazy excited for Purple Eyes!

Check out our man Ryan Upchurch and Jesse Ikedah just tearing apart Woodward in this savagely good edit. These two have gotta be two of the best all-round riders in the world, cos in the air, on tranny, rails, the lip and especially the front wheel, these guys kill it harder than any...

Razor at Woodward

Razor are always pushing through the top quality video content, and i love how they are super keen to go to an event and film everyone's bangers, not just their own team.

Here they are down at Woodward West for the latest camp, where a tonne of guys throw down, but the standouts are Dan Barrett and Hunter Bechtle on that up down rail - nutty stuff.

George Gartlehner - SK

George is a killer and has been on the shred for years. Here he is in the streets of Vienna destroying the ledges and rails as he does on the reg.

Top quality stuff from the dude...

Uniun Sessions - Lewis Williams

No don't be thinking I'm blowing this guy's trumpet cos he rides for us. I've spent way too much time with Lewis to actually like the dude ;). 

But straight up and honest, if this ain't one of the steeziest scooter videos you have ever seen, tell me where the hell you are hiding the good stuff.

The spins, the nothings, the outrageous board/lip combos, this is truly park riding at it's best. And that gap flair that made the latest cover of the mag - that ish made me cry a little bit...

Blazer Drop New Video and Contest

Blazer Pro Scooters are all over it right now. The team is stacking up necely with good old Lukey P at the helm. Hit the jump for their dope new video as well as a chance to join the team with a years SPONSORSHIP!

Hayden O'Connor - 2013

Hayden O'Connor, or to name him correctly - The Boost Master 3000.

This dude has the gravity cheats switched on all day and he shows no sign of coming down. Hit play for 3 minutes of solid Aussie shreddin!

Mckeen & Fuchs - Lost Bowl Doubles

Matt Mckeen has always been a pioneer and has been getting down with the skate style since day 1. Here he is rocking out with a skater homie and destroying pretty much the coolest backyard skatepark I've ever seen.

This is one of those which is just awesome, hit play right now...

Ryan Becker

WOW! Never heard of this kid before, but he just blew me away! Peg game is second to pretty much noone, and you can really see the east coast guys that have shaped his riding style, dude is like a mini Upchurch, Barrett and Reyes all rolled into one.

Dig this big time man, keep it up!

Lewis Williams - Crisp Teasin

Our dude Lewis had been making some changes lately and is on the move sponsor wise. Here is his first footy comin out of his new scoot sponsor Crisp.

Rocking the 125 scoot and busting out some stupidly steezy stuff over on the continent, we cannot wait for the full edit, and don't forget to read all about Lewis' move in the new issue of the mag...

Welcome To Scoot Mag 2.0

So here we are Scoot Mag V2, upgrading everything to bring you the best freestlye scooter content in the bloomin world!

Pimpin new website today, new look mag hits the shelves tomorow. Whats next? WORLD DOMINATION!

Either that or we will just cotch for a bit with a cup of tea. Enit.


This video is just straight up legit in every sense of the word. A group of awesome dudes, seshing some of the UK's most classic spots, reppin a rider owned shop, to a dope tune and having a great time. That's wassup...

Kyle Cropper - 2013

Our boy Kyle knows how to send it. The little guy has a unique style and some crazy combos, and has been at the centre of the Manchester scene for a good few years now.

Check out his 2013 edit, and the CRAZY cannonball-fingerwhip toward the end. Props to Lewis Roach behind the camera too!

Capron Funk - Welcome to Lucky

Capron Funk is an incredible rider. It's amazing that he sometimes flies under the radar, as when you see him in person he can be mind blowing! 

Looks like he has made the jump with his brother to a new team in Lucky, and here is his welcome video. So many WTF moments in this one, but the bar-nosegrab-bar-nosegrab was the most nutty thing i have seen in ages.

Feast Your Eyes

We have had some dooope videos drop into our inbox over the last few days. And as we are out of the office for the next 4 days, we thought we would slap them all on your plate to watch whilst we are in stealth mode...


First up it's Josh O'Carroll as part of his crew's "RIDE" series. Josh has simply got the steeze, his spins are tooooo tight, so check it out...

Blaqe in Philly

I'm soooo slow on this way, mainly cos i've been so blown away by this video! The Danish and Austrian Blaqe boys flew out to Philly to chill and sesh with some heavy hitter homies and film with Roots Boy.

Everyone shreds, especially Johan Grnwald, he has that OG steeze like few others. Right, stop reading and hit PLAY!

Two Beers Joins Addict

We commented on the changing of the guard over at Addict a couple of weeks back, but now we have video evidence! Tobias Mayer aka "Two Beers" aka "Toby Killa" has now joined the ranks of the addicted with this tasty welcome edit.

Riding is on point, and track couldn't be more perfect. MORE BEER!

FinScooter in Oulu

Helmeri's store FinScooter has to be one of the most legit in the world. Run be the OG bossman himself, and pretty much creating a whole countries scene, you don't get much cooler in the sport.

Helmeri and crew went on a wee trip up to the north of Finland to this banging park, and chucked out a sweet little edit...


JBS - Just Be Steeze - Brandon and his merry bunch of shredders. 

This one features some clips from the crew and friends over the last coupla weeks, and it's well worth a peep...

Watch out for bad language.

Jack McCann - Scooter Hut

This kid straight up rips. He was on our shortlist for the Rule Your District steeze award at took a deserved place in the finals. 

Imaginative and bolts riding from the young Sydney dude, and an exciting next gen rider...

Matt Wiles - Relax

It's been bloomin ages since we've seen any Mert Werls footy, but it's always a treat. Matt has just made his way onto D-Rob's shop team over at Supreme (who have just launched a dope website over at www.supremescooters.co.uk) so he dropped this dope little bit of footy. It's all been edited together by his new team manager, so it's rad as per usual...

Deeno Lippand

This video caught my eye last night. Definately diggin the edit, the tune and the interesting riding. Anyone say Estonian Danny Roberts?

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